Meet the aspiring Spiritual Leader of the World (last seen at Speakers’ Corner)

Neil S. Collingbourne BSc is a Muslim convert who describes himself (modestly) as ‘someone who can initiate a great intellectual enlightenment, and that as the world’s greatest living philosopher, I am just the person.’ He is the ‘iconic luminary’ the Muslim world has been waiting for to fight atheism. He says “Only a person of great spiritual power and influence can counter such [atheist] arrogance, and I will be that person.” So far an impressive 28 people have watched his amazing video. Only 1.9 billion to go..

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  1. …. habib Neil will need to generate 1.21 jiggawatts into the flux capacitor at 88 miles/hr to achieve these enlightenment objectives…. all best Neil and good luck 🍌

  2. Salam Paul,

    Thanks much for sharing! I like what this brother says.

    Although I don’t know him and I am not in UK.

    Hey, every path starts with one step.

    And nice to have high aspirations.

    Imam Hamza Yusuf said Muslims should have high aspirations…of course while being humble and not assuming.

    Please don’t throw cold water on him…let’s keep an open mind both on him and his efforts to walk the middle and enlightened path.

    Inshallah he will keep learning and keeping an open mind himself while he keeps sharing.

    So far, he approaches reason in an enlightened way.

    May Allah keep sening Noor (light) on him. Ameen.

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