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  1. Brother Paul,

    You are misunderstanding the historicity of the slave trade, the transatlantic slave trade, and the centuries of slavery which is like racism taken to the most extreme and most violent level that is imaginable and how it impacted everything from the economy and other social aspects for 150 years after slavery stopped.

    Since you are not from the US, it is difficult for you to understand the Black experience in the US that they and their parents and grandparents and prior generations felt.

    It is unreasonable to blame any random White American to what their White ancestors and more often then you think, what their White grand parents’ grand parent slave owners did.

    But it is also unreasonable to avoid acknowledging the truth that the economic benefits that White America enjoys is to a lot extent the rivers rolling down hills, hills that numerous Black generations were forced under chains many times to pile up toil after toil.

    And to think that it all changed like a magic wand as soon as Blacks were allowed to vote, then you are living in delusion after delusion after delusion.

    Of course, Blacks shouldn’t use White oppression and repression and exploitation as an excuse for all their social problems.

    But not only do they have a right to speak out about the truth but for justice, they must speak out about the truth.

    You can sit comfortably on your chair trying to write up thoughts on this, but it aint gonna change reality.

    As a Muslim, we need to struggle to understand truth and reality even it is uncomfortable.

    • Not a word about the ubiquitous anti-white racism that poisons Western society.

      Why is that?

      • I agree there may be some anti-white racism such as in cultural and artistic expressions
        but in terms of structural, institutional, financial, educational, housing, policing, military-industrial complexical—I just made up this word–, etc. even without getting into the historical…in other words, in arenas that are most impactful to the success of an individual and to families, the anti-white racism compared to anti-black racism is like a mouse to an elephant.

        Of course the level of anti-rich racism to the level of anti-poor racism in terms of how capitalism impacts people is like comparing a baby mouse to an elephant….in other words capitalism favors the rich at the expense of the poor and middle class.

        Do you disagree when I frame it in a comprehensive way with regards to Black people or poor people?

      • I disagree. Racism refers by definition to race, not to poor people or the rich. I don’t see the alleged examples you give as instances of anti-black racism. There are a number of other factors that explain differences in social and economic outcomes without blaming white people – as you do. Here are two:

        The extremely high incidence of absentee fathers in black families in the US.

        The average differences in IQ between different ethnic groups. This has a big impact on numerous social outcomes – jobs, longevity, health etc.

        Also see this:

  2. Paul,

    Your explanation that the root cause is that Black people have intellectual deficiencies is intellectually weak.

    East Asians according to the link above (if it is true) have a higher cc of brain size than Europeans but Europeans have done much more to advance standard of life.

    Even if what you say is true (which is a separate topic) we are not discussing why people of African descent do not have noble prizes in science.

    We are talking about why their schools are literally falling apart in the richest country in the world that they helped to literally build by their sweat more than the sweat of the Whites for centuries.

    You can blabber all you want about high absentee fathers in Black families, but you think that the White racism against Blacks had nothing to do with the lack of circumstances in their ghettos that were created when Blacks migrated to Northern cities for work?

    The layers of delusions you pile up on is astounding.

    You really need to stop digging your hole deeper and making a fool of yourself but also being shameful and a to some extent oblivious to your immoral statements.

    If there is an issue of intellectual inferiority of Blacks, then that is a separate topic.

    Why does US spend far, far, far more on a per capita basis (still only 1% of what they should pay) when Whites die from Opium addiction, but far, far, far less for when Blacks die from cocaine? Is it because Blacks have smaller brains and thus become absentee fathers?

    Why does US try to find medical means to deal with Whites on drugs (although US does not do enough) but uses more criminal approaches to Blacks? Is it because Blacks have smaller brains and thus become absentee fathers.

    I can give hundreds of such examples….yes, you read that correctly Paul…hundreds…if you have not lived in the US, even much less in Black neighborhoods, I would advice some humility in your confidence to comment in this area.

    Paul, further words of spiritual and intellectual advice…..

    Part of spirituality as I assume you know very well is to submit your ego….and to have the moral fiber to admit when you are wrong and not keep digging a deeper and deeper hole.

    At least develop some pause that spiritual people of the past and the present would not agree to your assessment…at least not in the completely binary and un-nuanced way you childishly keep going on about.

    I agree that there is a tendency for people to not want to say what is politically correct.

    I admire you for not fearing to speak against political correctness (to the extent you are scientifically correct in your claims is a separate issue).

    But one can chew gum and walk at the same time.

    If you want to say that Whites are superior to Blacks and Whites are inferior to Asians, go ahead but don’t conflate it with racist policies that Whites have kept in a thousand different ways in terms of economic policies and so on.

    If your claim that Blacks are inferior is true, then it can be a factor to their economic lower level, and thus there can be overlap to the topic at hand but don’t act like it is one and the same.

    And another thing, if you think unfair economic policies has nothing to do with the othering of peoples whether it has to do with race or with how the British treated the (Other) White Irish or so on….

    And if you think bigotry toward other groups of people have nothing at all to do with unfair economic policies that the group in power devises and implements

    And if you think that perceptions of different skin color and different facial features, and different cultural activities has nothing to do with creating groups of people, then you are in deep denial.

    So yes, we disagree.

  3. Brain size

    Main article: Brain size

    A number of studies have reported a moderate statistical correlation between differences in IQ and brain size between individuals in the same group.[183][184]

    Some scholars have reported differences in average brain sizes between racial groups,[185] although this is unlikely to be a good measure of IQ as brain size also differs between men and women, but without significant differences in IQ.[citation needed]

    At the same time newborn black children have the same average brain size as white children, suggesting that the difference in average size could be accounted for by differences in environment.[citation needed]

    Several factors that reduce brain size have been demonstrated to disproportionately affect black children.[107]

    Read the above Paul again and again….

    And no I don’t blame Whites….I want to make a better world…if Blacks were in power, then I would expect that they would create policies that would advantage themselves and create unfair policies….by the way a bad environment can affect the brain so Blacks in power can lead to unfair policies that lead to White children having smaller brains

  4. https://www.bbc.com/news/health-51010388

    Neglected children end up with ‘smaller brains’

    Paul, would you not agree that the children of slaves in America were neglected? Or do you think the children of slaves in America had a wonderful life.

    In an imaginary fictional world, if your great great grandparents and those of all white people were all slaves and then if the descendants moved to ghettoized areas in Africa, then for sure these White children would be neglected to some extent compared to the rich Blacks (in this imagined fictional world).

    The ultimate sin of Iblis, of Satan is that he is better than the human…

    • Bro, just ignore what others are saying about you. I’m white Muslim. But I don’t say whites are supperior to blacks, because the Holy Prophet said: “No Arab is superior to a non-Arab, and a non-Arab is not superior to a Arab. The white is not superior to black and black is not superior to white”. So those who do insult you of your race are ignorant. So if you’re smart, then ignore them totally. That is my advise for you. Or you can ask my help and I will deal with them.

      • Salam bro,

        It is wrong for me to say that brother Paul is saying Whites are superior to Blacks.

        Brother Paul is very intelligent and committed to spirituality and morality and he recognizes that what makes one superior is how good one is with what he/she has been given.

        So I am certain Paul does not consider Whites to be superior to Blacks.

        But he is saying that all the problems that Blacks have are because of their own issues and includes them having less IQ according to some studies.

        However, he, our dear brother Paul, is being superficial in his approach.

        Paul thinks that just because some studies do not show a difference in police killings on Blacks and Whites, he thinks there is no discrimination.

        Police killings is just a small part…Paul should see how it is the clear consensus that Blacks are prosecuted and found guilty not just a little more than Whites for the same crime but WAY MORE often.

        I am not against a crime being prosecuted and found guilty if it was done. But why the massive difference..it is a tip of the iceberg of the massive discrimination against Black Americans but it seems Paul does not find it convenient to see it that way.

        Paul says that there is a lot of Black father absenteeism.

        He is exactly right that this problem is a huge reason for a huge percentage of Black kids growing up in not a good way and many of them get into unlawful activities when they are older.

        But Paul needs to see how there is HUGE difference between how long White fathers are kept in prison and how long Black fathers are kept in prison.

        So, even there he cannot refute that the discriminatory system is contributing in a massive way to problems for Blacks.

        The discrimination of Blacks did not disappear like a puff of smoke disappears when Black Americans were allowed to vote just about 50 years ago.

        European and now American interference in other countries did not disappear when countries under colonialization got independence.

        We should not be superficial and especially so when we are blaming the victim for problems and then calling them to be of low IQ at the same time.

        I realize there is some evidence of difference in IQ but it is not as clear as Paul makes it to be.

        There is no clear widespread consensus. There is study that Black babies brain is same size as White baby. Also, there is some evidence that brain size is not as decisive…it is the neural connections within the brain, not the size itself.

        Regardless, I think he is conflating the separate issue of racial differences in biology with discriminatory policies.

        Paul is too sensitive thinking that all the criticism is saying Whites are to blame. There are some who are saying that and they should be refuted and it is not fault of a random White person like Paul as to problems of Blacks.

        What Paul is struggling to understand is that whichever group is in power will tend to give advantage to their group in various ways.

        Blacks would have done the same.

        So the point is that we should push back against discrimination that the Powers devise and implement.

        And this will be the case no matter who is in power…Whites….Blacks…Israelis, Arabs…it doesn’t matter.

        As Muslims we should strive to make a better place. We should not be overly sensitive.

        Paul is a good brother. But may he accept the good even from an opposing argument.

        We must all be ready to accept any aspect of truth.

        We must submit to God and to the truth and not to our desires to be right or any other desires. Desires will take us to the fire of punishment.

      • And by the way, I am not Black bro.

      • In one video I saw a title called Paul Williams Leaves Islam. Do you know this video? What you make of this?

      • Yes I have left the religion.

      • Why like this? Just because of what some people are doing this? Dom’t let yourself influmced negatively.

      • I not longer want to be a member of the tribe. I wish to follower a better moral code.

  5. https://imemc.org/article/contaminated-drinking-water-in-gaza-spurs-blue-baby-syndrome/

    “The reason for that, explains Gregor von Medeazza, UNICEF’s water and sanitation specialist for Gaza, is that the longer the E coli remain in the water, the more “they start growing” in the water and the worse it gets. This leads to chronic diarrhoea, which in turn can lead to stunting in Gaza’s children, as a British medical journal recently documented. One effect, von Medeazza says, is on “brain development,” and a “measurable effect on the IQ” of affected children.”

    Hmmm, maybe the Israeli Foreign Policy should employ Paul to blame Gaza’s lack of development on the IQ of Palestinians….interestingly done by the (White) Israeli policies in Gaza

  6. I mean the environmental catastrophe in Gaza done by the mostly White Israeli policies on Gaza.

    • Bro, don’t you see? People leave Islam because of our wicked behaviour! If we want to prove to people that Islam is tolerant, then we must show them through our actions. Since, Islam is against racism, we can prove this by speaking out against racism and supporting the black people from racism discrimination. But the way you talked to Paul, you have not proven that but otherwise! Shame on us for not knowing how to behave properly and have good manners! Remember that speaking out against racism and protecting the blacks from discrimination is part of the Sunnah!

      • I did not mean to offend Paul.

        Paul, I apologize if I did.

        Please forgive me Paul if I was wrong.

        When I stretched my disagreement with you as if you are racist but when I mentioned the issue of superiority, I never meant that you meant Whites were morally superior and thus superior in an absolute way but just intellectually superior in an overall biological statistical way.

      • Say “I swear by God(wallahi) I will not repeat this mistake again! You have the guarantee this mistake won’t be repeated again”. I’m sure it won’t bother him if you say this to him

      • Don’t blame brotheromer! He is just behaving like a typical Muslim.

        I look for a higher, more ethical, code of life.

      • Well, when you want to come back to Islam, you are always welcome. But hey, I blame him because he did not know how to behave properly. I cannot believe that the Muslim Ummah gets corrupted day by day….

        Anyways, I hope one day you may forgive brotheromer for being rude and arrogant towards you. He did not meant to be rude and arrogant with you.

      • ‘He did not meant to be rude and arrogant with you.’

        Of course he did.

        It’s what they do.

      • That’s not true! I’m myself a white Sunni Muslim and I’m not rude to anyone especially yo black people. In fact, I’m only rude when someone is rude with me, otherwise I’m not rude. And I have nothing against black people. In fact, if I would be glandly to have the of making my own large Salaf organization where we condemn racism and arrest those who commit racism, because it is disrespect.

  7. Paul,

    May I have your email? Because, I would like to talk with you about something if you don’t mind.

  8. Alexander, I am unclear if Paul meant to say he really left Islam now. I know he left Islam in the past.

    Paul, I beg you for your forgiveness.

    Please don’t condition your submission to God and to the religion as he has chosen for you on whether you hear comments that are rude. I am sure you love God more than that.

    Paul, I swear to God that I will try not to make this mistake of being rude again.

    You have my guarantee that I will try to be careful to not be rude again.

    I wish you all the best forever.

    • Thanks. But it’s too late. I left Islam a while ago, but I am happy to speak up for the good in it (which is considerable) when it is falsely maligned.

      But it is not really a faith for the typical English person like me. If you don’t see that you have not been paying attention.

      • What you mean? You don’t know Arabic? This is easy, I can give you links where you can learn and perfect yourself in Arabic language if you want for this faith to be yours.

        I feel sorry that you did this. I wish one day you would return as a Muslim again just like you were in first place.

      • OK. In the meantime I will look for a better more enlightened path. To go back to Islam would be a retrogressive step.

      • We believe that Islam is the Religion of your father namely Prophet Adam. And it is the religion which God Almighty Elected to be officially for all mankind and jinnkind.

        I care about your fate in Hereafter.

        You can ask Allah(Subhana Wa ta’ala) for more enlightment. Because, one if His 99 names are All Wise and All Knowledgable. And knowledge and wisdome come from the Lord of Great and Magnificent Throne. You just have to make supplication(dua)

        I don’t mean to give you the impression of force conversion.

      • Thats fine but because you do not know me you have addressed none of the issues that have led to me leaving the religion. And no, I’m not going to discuss them here.

      • We can talk about this on email. What you say? And I believe we can solve the problem.

      • No thanks. I have discussed the issues exhaustively with Muslims and it only seems to entrench divisions. You have your way – I have mine. I cannot go back.

      • I wish there’s something I can do for you.

      • There is. Leave me in peace. Dragging me back to your religion would cause me much damage. I have different values from you.

      • Fine. I’ll let you the way you are.

        You cannot just possibly abandon a religion just because of what some morons are doing. This doesn’t seem logic.

        If I would be a black Sunni Muslim you know what I do? I would be veangeful and I would make him pay for being rude with me and I would not leave Islam. I would also be rude as a response to him. That’s what I would do myself.

        Anyways, I still will support black people more than white people as a white Sunni Muslim and if I see someone daring to be racist, I would declare war on that Muslim. This is for you to know this. Because, as a Sunni Muslim, I’m strictly against racism even though I’m white.

      • ‘You cannot just possibly abandon a religion just because of what some morons are doing. This doesn’t seem logic.’

        You don’t know me dude. You have no idea what the issues are. Yet you presume to lecture me about my motivations and intentions.

        You two Muslims are right characters lol.

        One is rude and arrogant, the other (you) is presumptuous and eager to lecture me.

        Christ, move on! Get a life.

      • Fine, have it your way.

    • Brotheromer,

      Are you happy what you did now!? You should be ashamed of yourself. Because, what you did is not the quality of a Muslim. You are giving bad image to Islam. And that smartass Daud Kim made it worse! He gave another bigger bad image to Islam. No wonders why non-Muslims hate Islam and Prophet Muhammad. This is obviously because we do not know how to behave properly. And sadly, Islam has a bad reputation.

      Let us change the world’s view of Islam from now on. Shall we? We can give to Islam good and excellent image.

      Now what excuse will you say to Allah(SwT) when you will be asked about Dawah? Will you say that you gave the worst Dawah and made someone to leave Islam? What do you think Allah(SwT) will do to you on the Day of Judgment for misleading someone? You should better prepare an answer for Him on the Day of Judgment. Repent from misleading Paul. You are indeed blameworthy person and a disgrace.

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