Does anti-Islam missionary Hatun Tash crave Christian martyrdom?

The face of a Christian fanatic.

History tells of some fanatical Christian missionaries who were determined to seek martyrdom at the hands of Muslims in Muslim Spain (then known as Al-Andalus). Traveling into enemy territory they made for the town square and loudly denounced the prophet of Islam in terms they knew would force the local authorities to take action against them. Unfortunately for the zealous missionaries, the local judge was reluctant to given them what they wanted and they were deliberately ignored. Not to be outwitted the wannabe Christian martyrs continued their egregious behaviour and escalated their insults against the Prophet until the judge was forced to act. They were duly martyred.


Suicide by cop has become popular in news stories since the 2000s. It is a suicide method in which “a suicidal individual deliberately behaves in a threatening manner, with intent to provoke a lethal response from a public safety or law enforcement officer.” Source

Suicide by cop might be considered the modern equivalent to Suicide by Muslim craved by Christian missionaries in Al-Andalus.

Hatun Tash appears to fit neatly into this tradition. If you repeatedly poke a bear with a stick chances are that a large paw will wack you across the face – or worse. You may even get yourself killed.

Most Muslims will just ignore Hatun’s insults against their beloved prophet. They are right to do so. A small number however will get upset and insult her in return. This is far from ideal. A handful of unstable Muslims however – it is easy to conceive this happening – will want to do her physical harm. One lunatic may actually do something terrible. In my view it is simply a matter of time before serious violence erupts.

Hatun ignores or simply refuses to accept that insulting Islam can and has caused major violent incidents in the UK. In recent videos she goes on about if God calls her home and she is called from this world then so be it.

She argues that she can take the insults against her God and Jesus but Muslims cannot. So therefore surely that proves she fully understands the dangers of her continued rhetoric against the bear she baits and the inferred difference between her as a Christian and her Muslim enemy.

Hatun is a troubled soul and a very arrogant and frustrated individual. Anger runs through her veins!

She is a fanatic without doubt and focused totally to out and destroy Islam.

But in her tenacious and ruthless pursuit of her goal she is riding roughshod over the Speakers’ Corner community as a whole by increasing the risk of serious violent assault on herself and others and this shows a complete misunderstanding of what an event like that could do to Speakers’ Corner as a whole and it’s future.

If she just ignores the reality and cannot accept that the police authorities have a duty to protect the community from the inherent threats in our society and the effect her actions and words can have, then yes she is proving to be a martyr to her cause as she continues knowing full well what the threats are – but continues regardless!

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  1. This clearly shows Christians have absolute no respect to God Almighty and neither to all Prophets and Messengers of God. That is why as Muslims, we do not accept criticism of non-Muslims whe thry criticize The Seal of Prophets and the Final Messenger of God Almighty. This means that we have more and great respect for all Prophets and Messengers of God.

    I she would be in Saudi Arabia and does that kind of trash talk, she would most certainly be lashed 8 times by Saudi Muslim authorities and possibly also executed for showing disrespect.

    Hatun Tash must be arrested and jailed permanently in worst prison in the world and maximum security prison which is impossible for evadation. And let her die in her own cell.

  2. Has she done anything wrong?

  3. Why should criticism of a religion be considered a threat to public order?

    Or maybe you mean public order as mandated by Sharia?

    • Nonsense. As long as the Corner is within a shaking secularist society or in the Territory of al-Harb, not seen Sharia in action yet. Pick a time if you dare.

      • So…. Why should criticism of a religion be considered a threat to public order?

      • Sorry, I overlooked your reply, whoever you care called as “truth”. Isn’t Speaker’s Corner a “public” place? Also, within the confines of secular society? Such bigotry should be kept at either themselves or a tolerable level. Either way, there’s a karmic impulse added to that. In the end, common sense wins.

        My opinion is that Hatun is the epitome of those who is described by the legendary comedian George Carlin: a maniac.

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