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  1. David Wood proves again that he is a psychopanth:)))

    By God, his video literally have made me really angry to the extend where I want to do the same thing to Bible just as what David Wood did as a response to him. But, Islam does not allow me to do this, because Bible has some truth left and I would also receive a terrible punishment for doing that to Bible. This life is filled with injustice and corruption…. This life is filled with more extremist and psychopanths who love nothing nore than to creat mischief.

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  2. This is another a desperate Christian (like Hatun) who wants to destroy Islam but failed to do so. He wants Muslims pay attention to him so he makes a bait and needs something to make Muslims angry so he could dance if Muslims take that bait.

    They can’t disprove Islam but Islam can easily disprove Christianity.
    Now we could see clearly how desperate they are. They would do everything even if it looks like a fool.
    They are spreading hates not loves. That’s the real teaching of Christianity nowadays.


  3. Why not change the title to “…eats one page of the Qur’an”? That would make more sense.

    That channel is full of ad hominems. Evidence is in the comments.


  4. Is this the best way to convince muslims that their god is a guy who lived 2000 years ago, who also got crucified naked thinking that his God has forsaken him?
    Is this the best way to convince muslims that the reason they are here is to believe that a baby was born 2000 years ago, who also needed his Mom to change his diaper is their god?
    David is so satanic. May Allah protect us from his satanic ways.

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