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  1. I honestly really appreciate that from him. Christians and Muslims need to do this from time to time, take a moment to rethink their behavior, perhaps even their anger, and readily admit their imperfections. It’s a healthy practice.

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    • I’m not so impressed Denis. He shows a slight touch of remorse but no repentance. He does not say will give up his egregious behaviour in the future.


      • Very true I agree Paul,

        Before someone gives dawah they need to rectify their character first! Your bad mannerisms may harden peoples hearts…there is no point in his ‘studying’ islam as he claims when his manners are horrendous.

        Bad manners can be an evidence of a lack of ikhlas

        As Ibn al-Mubarak, may Allah have mercy on him, said to the people of hadith, “You are in greater need of a little manners than a great deal of knowledge.”

        Recorded in Tārīkh Dimashq 32918

        Honestly i’m surprised I looked up to them years back!

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    • By the way, this comes after a visit from Britain’s anti-terrorism police (SO15)..


  2. As for Hatun she is constantly trying to get shocking or sensational content putting up provocative videos and stunts which have the capacity to rile a viewer up goading them to do something crazy…especially considering she’s got EDL types viewing her now.


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