A respected and trusted long-timer at Speakers’ Corner (who will remain anonymous) gives his verdict on the Muslims there.

Paul I am pulling no punches on this!!

You are better off out of this religious group!!

They have treated you badly!

Deflected genuine and honest criticisms and ignored dangers within when pointed out with irrefutable evidence.

They do not take self assessment well unless it is self praise.They are bullies and you either tow the line or you are an outsider and open to ridicule.

Compassion and human understanding does not work for this group.They do not forgive well and will mock and out others but when they get it back they get sanctimonious, angry and holier than thou!

It will always be it’s our way or no way.

Take a wide berth and look in from outside!!

You do not fit their narrative and they will show you no tolerance and understanding.

So to keep you away they will attempt to destroy you as a character. As this gives them a false justification to keep you outside!!

They are hurting at the moment.

Adnan Rashid, Mansur, Hashim, Ali and Moh Hijab.

The apostate issue with Hijab and Ali has outed the face of this ideology and it does not look good.

We are right to attack it!

The above coupled with their associations with Ahad and the Sheikh Faisal question re AR have embarrassed them and outed them as far from perfect representatives of their faith.

This has smashed into their egos and rationale. They are hurting!!!

Their best form of defence against genuine criticism has been attack. Paid agent accusations, lies, denial and discrediting those who dare to question.

I saw through the Dawah at SC a long time ago.

The IERA nonesense of Abdul Rahman Green and Tsorksis!!

You may hate this from me but it is like dealing with a cult!!

Paul my opinion is you are better outside of this.

You are better than this.

Be true to yourself and ignore their reaction.

All it does is cement my opinion on this group!!

End of rant!!


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5 replies

  1. What is IERA, and why is it so controversial ?


  2. Adnan Rashid, Mansur, Hashim, Ali, Moh Hijab, and Abdul Rahman Green.

    May Allah bless them all.


  3. To be fair, it’s only Adnan Rashid who is asscoated with Sheikh Faisal, though he doesn’t admit it, right? Any news on the investigation of Mohammed Hijab and Ali Dawah you’ve mentioned earlier?

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  4. Any news on the investigation of iERA or is it only Hijab and Dawah that are being investigated?


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