From my experience I draw the (obvious) conclusion: Islam is no place for gay people. They are called ‘animals’; they are insulted, maligned and degraded. They will not be protected from abuse. Muslims in the main simply don’t want to understand gays.

They are the rejected ones.

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  1. I wish I had a daughter to give you in marriage

  2. Do you mean in the Islamic world? I would say yes. That’s true.
    However, muslims in the wetsern world seem more understanding for the issue and its implications on the person.

    • Yes True, the more contemporary scholars and students of knowledge certainly are … Yasir Qadi’s lectures about homosexuality and treatment of Gays, etc is very informative, respectful …

    • I mean Muslims I have met in London and encountered online. I have never been to a Muslim country.

      • Definitely many ignorant, foolish Muslims in my community regarding how they view gay people, very rude and disrespectful, most Muslims I know have a long way ahead to learning how to treat gay people with dignity and kindness regardless of their sexual preference, including Muslims who are also struggling with this personal issue as well.

      • well said Omar.

      • I see. But I do not think this’s a general attitude of the muslims in the western world. Sometimes intense debates get out of hand and start getting personal and eventually to personal insults.
        But in general, I think religious people need to be educated about this matter whether they are muslims, christians, and jews.

        However, in the Islamic world, it is whole another story.

  3. In Allah’s “eyes” gay people and straight people are the same as long as they obey His commands.

    Same sex romantic before or after married is haram.
    A man and a woman doing romantic before married is haram
    A man and a woman doing romantic after married is halal

    Being gay is not haram as long as they obey Allah’s commands.
    Yes, there are place in Islam for gay people who obey Allah’s commands.

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