My review of Patriotic Alternative’s new ‘Plan for a healthy, successful and prosperous United Kingdom.’

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Today the UK based White Nationalist group Patriotic Alternative gave us their

“plan for a healthy, successful and prosperous United Kingdom. The below points cover a variety of areas including education, law, health, the environment, immigration and the media.”

I intend to describe what I see as the positive features (yes really) of this Plan as well offer some serious criticism of ‘Our Plan for the United Kingdom’. Dialogue is good! Here goes..

The positives

The Plan is very well written, in good English and highly readable. Much of the content is persuasive and would doubtless prove attractive to millions indigenous British people (if they were ever able to read it which is doubtful). Here are two examples from the Plan that surely any right-thinking person would agree with:

Point number 4:

Britain has a right to enforce its own laws – including its immigration laws. Those living in Britain illegally or those who have entered Britain illegally have broken Britain’s laws. As such, all those living here illegally must leave the country by their own free will or they will be deported. Any migrant who has legally entered Britain but has committed a serious criminal offence will also be deported.

Illegal immigrants are rarely deported from the UK. Most British people will welcome the enforcement of the law.  This would be a vote winner for P.A.

Point number 8:

The central building block of any community or nation is the traditional family – which consists of a mother, father and children. The traditional family will be enshrined, promoted and upheld by the state as an ideal to be striven for and to be emulated. No public body will promote any alternative as either equal or superior to the traditional family.

As a measure to both enshrine the traditional family and protect children; the promotion or exposure of sexualised material or LGBT propaganda to children will be strictly prohibited. Children deserve a happy childhood free from themes or topics that they cannot hope to understand or that may negatively affect their mental well-being or emotional development. What consenting adults do behind closed doors is their business, however public places should be free of nudity, sexual activity and indecent or sexually charged material.

This is another sensible plan. Children deserve a traditional upbringing with a mother and father. The lunatics currently run the asylum. We need a swift return to traditional values, especially in schools. I am in 100% agreement with P.A.

Some other points are in part (or in whole) perfectly acceptable.

Criticisms and hard questions

I have some probing questions and some criticisms.

If you get to know the life and thinking of the P.A. leadership (namely Mark Collett and his Deputy Leader Laura Towler) you will soon realise that both are in the technical and historical sense fascists. I have documented this fact in an earlier article on Blogging Theology where I present abundant evidence of their political ideology:

Is the political philosophy of Patriotic Alternative National Socialist? Blogging Theology investigates.

The new ‘Plan for a healthy, successful and prosperous United Kingdom’ discreetly veils this political truth. Also, the P.A. Plan is very careful not to mention ‘the Jews’ whom they believe are the number one enemy of the West (see the abundant documentary evidence for this in my link above). We have been here before.

It would be legitimate to conclude that P.A. have a hidden agenda. The British public deserve to know the full truth.

Point number 5 states:

those of immigrant descent who have obtained British passports will be offered generous financial incentives in order to return to their ancestral homelands. This process will be carried out in a way that is mutually beneficial to both the British people and those choosing to return to their ancestral homelands.

My questions:

What will be the response from P.A. if most refuse the offer to leave?

Is it to be voluntary or enforced?


Read The Plan here

Read my article Is the political philosophy of Patriotic Alternative National Socialist? here

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  1. Point #5: “Could you please “go home”, I’ll give a lot of money”.

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  2. #8 should be enforced years ago…

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