‘I Definitely Wouldn’t Have Supported The Holocaust If I Lived In Nazi Germany,’ Says Woman Who Supports Abortion Today


PORTLAND, OR—Local woman Peyton Hill says she definitely would not have supported the Holocaust if she lived in Nazi Germany during the 1930s and 1940s, thinking herself enlightened by the glorious morality of the current year and not susceptible to being deceived as brutish, barbaric humans were in ages past.

She said this even though she supports the modern-day holocaust against the unborn, being a strong supporter of abortion at any time for any reason.

“Oh, yeah, I definitely would have stood up against that injustice and not gone along with the crowd because it was cool and popular,” said the woman wearing a shirt reading “My Body, My Choice.” “I probably would have been one of the only ones to turn against the Nazis and say, ‘Enough!’ and not buy into the lies wholesale.”

She then began polishing her Planned Parenthood pin with her pink beanie.

“I’m really good at seeing through the lies of the culture and standing for moral truth and justice,” she said before firing off a tweet explaining that women have the absolute right to kill their unborn children under the guise of women’s healthcare.

“I’m one of the good ones.”


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  1. Shes such a fool

  2. There is an angle here that you may have missed. Most Jews today are hard core pro-abortion. Elie Weisel said to pro-lifers that it was wrong to compare abortion with the holocaust.

  3. Old Jahiliya: Kill / bury born babies alive
    New Jahiliya: Kill unborn babies alive

  4. I believe anyone has the right to decide about their bodies, and most of the time women who decide about abortion can’t even give a good life to these babies

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