Genesis audio book in Arabic.. the word Allah appears in the first minute.

God is Allah. The Bible says so.

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  1. The Bible says so, the Christian says no
    The Bible says worship one God alone, the Christian says no
    The Bible says God is not human, the Christian says no
    The Bible says Jesus is not God, the Christian says no

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  2. And for an Arabic translation we would expect ‘Allah’ to be there unless you’re Malaysian.

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  3. Allah is fine for Arabic speakers and other Muslim groups who do not have a word for “the one true Creator God”

    The Persian/ Farsi version is different.

    خدا = God, for Elohim in the OT and Theos in the NT.
    خداوند = Lord, for Yahweh in OT and for kurios in the NT.

    Modern Turks prefer Tanri, but they debate with each other between Tanri and Allah.

    Tanri (without the dot over the i)


  4. By the way, the word (Allah) is the most proper name of God( the One true Creator.)
    Here’s a yemenite jew explains why.

    I’ve heard many christian missionaries say it’s not a name!! Not sure how they got this conclusion. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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