The owner of this blog is a chap called Eric who lives in the far east. He kindly allows me to post articles here which I try to do every day. However, the traffic to this site is small and is getting ever smaller.

It’s a little demoralising, and makes me question why I continue to post here.

So I am just letting folks know the situation. I blame no one but myself for the uninteresting/uninspired content. I don’t have a solution, but discontinuing my involvement with this blog is an option.

All good things must come to an end I guess.

Paul Williams


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  1. Paul you always post really good articles regarding the corruption off the Biblical text as well as Christian history.. Which books do you recommend a beginner like me to read to really be able to grasp the topics well ? I want to be able to contribute to these debates.

  2. Hello, please don’t quit! I get the updates in my email, and I really appreciate the interesting perspectives. You’ve done a really nice job of cultivating a good collection of articles on this topic. I also appreciate that you show things about Islam. As a Muslim, I find this blog a very useful and insightful resource 🙂 Please keep doing it, if you find the energy and the time!

  3. Paul,

    I think there is a hadith are Prophet according who had only one follower and other Prophets who have very few followers.

    So you should not count your impact by how many are following your blog but by the content.

    The content is helpful information and helpful guidance and helpful emotional content for all who want to go to paradise.

    You may be thinking that your posts are not producing a huge audience but over time, they do and they impact in other ways as well but leading to other blogs, etc. using information from your blog.

    You have a talent to write good articles and to find good articles.

    You don’t need to blame yourself.

    But continue doing your talent and posting articles.

    Inshallah, people will benefit long after you are gone from this world and it will continue to help you in your akhirat.


  4. It’s probably part of a general disengagement from blogs over time, likely because people become more used to the Twitter-size conversation which aren’t really suited to blogs. I’ve been blogging since 2001 and the range and volume of interactions really is much, much smaller than previous years. Sometime this has led me to abandon blogs and start up new ones, often trying to focus more on a different theme.

    Also there’s a fatigue to blogging which comes from not seeing responses to what you’ve made the effort to post. Very difficult to push through those dry seasons.

    If you want more engagement with people of a similar thought to you then write stuff specifically for them.

    If you want a broader engagement then write stuff that’s less overtly critical of your expected audience. For example I sometimes feel that you report what you see as a deficiency in Christian scripture but end up coming to a ‘yah-boo!’ conclusion that hence everything in Christianity is deficient.

    Also try not to preload too many questions that are really final statements not inviting a response into what you write. Often I’ve felt that I would like to respond but I end up wondering exactly what I need to respond to and usually end up not replying at all. Write to invite engagement.

    Perhaps you need to start your own blog where you have control of content and also control of the historical stuff?

    Whatever it is, don’t give up. To me blogs are the lifeblood if this internet.

  5. Asalams Paul, honestly and sincerely, I absolutely admire and have learned immensely from your posts, very informative, thought provoking content that I have personally appreciated and benefitted from indeed. I may not comment on posts but I usually visit the blog at least twice a day over the years, always looking forward to your posts. I know what you mean in regards to low traffic hitting the blog and totally get why you’d cease posting. Just wanted to say may Allah reward you dearly, know that I make dua for you to unite us in this world and the next. Ameen. Please let us know if you decide to share your posts, thoughts content on some other communication platforms in the future InshaAllah.

  6. To Eric of the Far East

    I’ve noticed that Paul of London, a nice chap, is unhappy with the lack of traffic. I too am deeply troubled by this as my lengthy tirades usually get a least a comment from Paul pointing out my spelling mistakes and odd colloquialisms. This must be sorted out as soon as possible.

    I realize that COVID-19 has forced many of us into early hibernation and what with the news from Inner Mongolia of the return of the Bubonic Plague, it’s only a matter of time before we all end up dead but that doesn’t we shouldn’t reply to blogposts. SOME THINGS ARE NON-NEGOTIABLE!!!

    My solution is that you should take on the same role as ‘MySpace Tom’ and comment and like everything. This ought to fix the problem.

    Patrobin of Blogging Theology (a moderately nice chap)

  7. Losing StewJo and Faiz is one of the reasons for this in my opinion.

  8. I am not sure what you’re talking about. What I know is that your posts regarding academic biblical criticism are very informative and beneficial. Also, I think the posts related to art, western culture, politics , and other subjects are interesting.
    On the other hand, I dislike few things which happened in this blog such as letting Sam write in it.

  9. Thank you everyone for your valuable feedback and encouragement.

    I think at the end of the day I will continue to just blog what I find interesting and juicy – if only as a place to store it all.

  10. Thanks brother Paul.

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