Daniel Haqiqatjou

I agree – ‘Haqiqatjou is great at debating kafirs and refuting the LGBT-advocate imams but its stupid stuff like criticising Mufti Menk for using “almighty” instead of ‘Allah” that ticks me off and just makes him look dumb.’



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  1. Spot on, it feels like he should focus his energy on the main threats today (atheism, secularism, LGBTQ+ propaganda, …) instead of trying to throw punches at everyone even for moot points. Also his criticism are always character assassination attempts, when criticizing Dr. Jonathan Brown for instance he never mentions the extremely good work that he puts (such as his book on slavery, …etc) and make it seems to the unforgiving non knowledgeable reader as if he’s a “Muslim liberal” set to change the religion.

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