I Am A White Man And I’m Sorry

Cos everything is all my fault

My sentiments exactly

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  1. Paul,

    It may be true that on average White people are more intelligent than Black people to some extent genetically and to a probably greater extent the cultural capital in the last several centuries.

    Perhaps thousands of years ago, the Nubians in Africa close to Egyptian pyramids had more cultural capital than the Whites shivering in the caves of Europe.

    The cultural exchanges peoples in different ages and places all contributed to the accumulated knowledge and technologies.

    That does not make any White person better or worse than a Black person in terms of human dignity.

    A healthy person is not higher in dignity than a person who happens to have an illness.

    Note that although I am saying that the massive achievements of White people in terms of technology and science compared to other races does not make a White person today better.

    The harms that Whites have inflicted on Blacks, on Natives of their respective countries that they colonized and stole and of the peoples in other countries who were killed or injured by the technology of the Whites does not make any White today guilty either.

    However, with all that said, let us not be naive to think that with power, one uses the power to give advantage to their group over the other.

    Whites have more power so they as a whole, not one by one, use the power to advantage themselves more.

    If Blacks had more power, they would do the same. Perhaps Blacks would be even worse or perhaps not as worse.

    It does not matter in the end.

    What matters is what each of us is doing to advance justice and goodness.

    Yes, those who are victims in the overall arch of history should not use the victim mentality to exaggerate and shift their own faults onto others.

    But those who are in power should not assume that they are not subconsciously or consciously using the power to advantage themselves.

    Unless, these Whites think they are angels.

  2. ‘That does not make any White person better or worse than a Black person in terms of human dignity.’

    I totally agree.

    Regarding intelligence differences studies have generally found Ashkenazi Jews have an average IQ of 107 to 115, and have had successes in intellectual fields far out of proportion to their numbers. A 2005 scientific paper, “Natural History of Ashkenazi Intelligence” proposed that Jews as a group inherit significantly higher verbal and mathematical intelligence than all other ethnic groups.

    East Asians come next in the IQ hierarchy (Japanese, Chinese, Koreans) with an average IQ of 105.

    Then Whites, who have an average IQ of 100.

    These results are consistent wherever these ethnic groups are to be found in the world (eg as immigrant communities in the west).

  3. Thank you Paul.

    We should never be afraid to say the truth however politically incorrect it may be.

    Truth is truth.

    Also male students are a little likely better at mathematical abstraction than females and female students are a likely little better at verbal communication than males.

    At the end of the day, we will not be rewarded on JUDGEMENT DAY if “our group” did better or worse on an IQ test or on this or that set of achievements.

    We will all be judged individually…as Surah Maryam says we will come “fardan”…singly to be accounted as an individual, no less and no more.

    AND we will judged as to what Allah has given us (last verse of Surah 6).

    Those IQ scores on Ashkenazic Jews, etc. are of course giving average scores.

    But let us say that a given Ashkenazic Jew is smarter than this other person….then Allah will judge the Ashkenazic Jew on a different scale and expect more out of him in terms of the potential that Allah gave him.

    The Ashkenazic Jew does not have more or less dignity.

    But he has to account for all that Allah gave him and what he did with that….as last of Surah 6 says and as this concept is said in a few other verses more explicitly in the Qur’an, but I don’t remember the location of those verses.

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