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  1. I’m thinking that Karen Armstrong is presenting Christ’s ‘apparent failure’ in an ironic sense as some Christians do. Devastating, disgraceful, helpless in the world’s eyes but, according to Christians, this moment was it’s the greatest triumph.

    Mohammed, by contrast, is successful in all the ways described albeit spiritual success depends on what you consider to be ‘spiritual’ and ‘spiritually successful’.

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    • I love Armstrong’s writings, especially her book on the Byzantine Empire but did find some of her other portrayals of Christianity as a little disheartening. I do believe she is a little on the ‘liberal’ side when it comes to faith.

      But as Patrobin says, what the world sees as failure Christian’s see as the greatest of triumphs.

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  2. It reminds me of this video for the brilliant Daniel Haqiqatjou @ 7:55′

    In light of the video above, I’m wondering what’s the greatest of triumphs of Christianity? Have christians gotten rid of the original sin for example?
    To be clear, as muslims we have no problem at all to see martyring a prophet as a triumph. However, I don’t think that’s what christians mean. Crucifying Jesus to die a (cursed death) is a triumph to over come the original sin. It’s the freedom from the shackles made by the “perfect” God’s law!! And nowadays it means how to get along with the most ungodly aspects and accept them, which is contrarily to Islam that doesn’t get along with that. Is that the greatest triumph that christians is telling us about?



  1. Success and failure in Islam and Christianity | imamsbcc

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