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  1. Mashallah well articulated and expressed! May Allah reward Shaykh Abdul Hakim Murad

  2. Mashallah beautifully said. Jazakallahu

  3. Well, I like his answer. However, I like more what the Lion, Ahmad Deedat, answered when he was asked about the matter. Actually his answer characterizes his style in debates, and I think in life in general. If one wonders what made Ahmad Deedat; Ahmad Deedat? I would answer that he’s so Quran-centered man. He adopted Qur’an with joy and a great faith, and Allah knows best about him. No surprise that one of the leading scholar in the bible ended up with the same questions Ahamd Deedat used to hammer christians, for example.
    Anyway, here’s his answer @ (1:44:47′)

    Moreover, I think the scientific community in the west is pressured by the LGBT community.

    Finally, this lady gave a fascinating lecture about the subject, and she thinks this matter can be treated, but as any treatment, it’s doesn’t mean that you would necessarily back to normal 100%. Very recommended.

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