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  1. In your estimation, how many of those have read the Quran? For example, one of my Arab speaking Muslim colleagues who is religious has never read the Quran. He’s read books on the miraculous nature of the Quran, But not actually the Quran itself.

    • If he prays then he will be very familiar with the Qur’an as it is recited in every prayer.

      • He prays. And he knows the first chapter. Apart from that, he’s never read the Quran. Many of the stories are unknown to him.

      • So? That’s just one guy.

        But if he prays 5 times a day then he will recite the first chapter of the Qur’an in full PLUS another portion of the Qur’an which changes constantly. The book will then be in his heart if not in a physical form.

        The word Qur’an means ‘recitation’ and if he recites it (as he must) then he is familiar with the Qur’an itself. Not sure you really understand Islam on this point.

  2. So, in your estimation, how many of those 1.9 mil have read the Quran?

  3. Most Muslims don’t know Arabic and don’t understand the Quran when it’s recited.

  4. How would they if they don’t know Arabic? Most Muslims don’t know Arabic. Some learn it by heart. But don’t know what they are reading. .

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