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  1. Unfortunately they don’t believe in One and only God who created heaven, earth and all creations.

  2. They all need to go back into the closest.

  3. I have for many, many years struggled with same sex attraction, but the Laws of God are greater than the temporary rulings of man. I am what I am, a poor sinner. But Christ Jesus, by his Incarnation as man, sees fit to make me a Child of the Father, filled with the life giving Spirit.

    It is rather strange that: firstly, very, very many members of the LGBT community, despite being apparently free and in the open, are desperately unhappy, since the culture of promiscuity is so rife in the Gay community that many become hopeless alcoholics or drug addicts.Secondly, those persons who are homosexual and bisexual who wish to live their personal lives in accordance to the rulings of the Church are vilified by the LGBT community as repressed idiots. Many of my former ‘fiends’ in the LGBT community have called me the most appalling names and cut of all this with me when I converted to Orthodoxy. My Priest confessor has been a far more beneficial influence than the LGBT ‘community’.

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