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  1. Sadly it seems that little has changed in the last 60 years or so as it pertains to the lack of spiritual integration, namely that Islam still comes across largely as foreign and therefore alien to most British people. Boasting over the growth of Muslims in the UK has also been overstated since the majority of that growth is down to birthrate or immigration from other countries as stated in the report on the 2011 census from the Muslim Council of Britain.


    But the problem should also be viewed from the point that many people here in the UK have long since abandoned any kind of knowledge or respect for ancestral traditions and especially traditional religious sensibilities whereas Muslims (by and large) tend to take pride in this as either an aspect of their home country or as part of sincere faith. Such reticence, therefore, to engage with the mainstream could be seen as doomed from the start and even dangerous to their own faith’s survival in its ‘pure’ form hence ‘don’t imitate the kuffar’.

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