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  1. Point: Twice as many whites as blacks are killed by police.

    Counterpoint: Blacks are a lesser % of overall population.

    Response: The % of deaths via police encounters match up to violent crime rates by respective racial groups.

    Finale: That’s racist!

  2. Paul,
    If the following video is correct, you are correct and I was wrong in the other post.

    At the 10 minute mark here and onwards this lady says the same thing.

    I would appreciate if someone can verify if what she and Paul are saying is correct….I assume they are correct.

    The graphs above suggest the point that Paul is making but it does not give Black on Black and White on White. But I assume it would not change the main point about the rate of the subgroup being killed by police.

    I guess she and Paul are correct unless we find the data to be different with regards to deaths by police which I don’t think we will find since they must be getting data from good sources. And the lady below has been watched a lot and I haven’t seen her to be refuted on the numbers.

    I don’t mean to distract from the issue but it is hard for me to imagine a White police man choking a White man to death….maybe shooting him as much as a Black man as the data shows….but I don’t think choking him to death.

    Anyhow, for the more important point about numbers….isn’t Paul correct?


  3. This was the video from the 10 minute point…


  4. This article indicates that among unarmed police encounters, police are likely to kill Blacks more but there are caveats…

    See point 3….


  5. Paul,

    I think you are missing the big picture…..you are right about the statistics of people being killed but that is not a good metric.

    In the US, only a tiny percentage of police encounters results in death….I think the police target checking up on African Americans much more…actually that makes a lot of sense since a lot of the crime is in African American poor neighborhoods….but this suspicion in those communities leads to frustration of the communities….

    Let’s remember that slaver ended only 150 years ago.

    There are people who have grandparents alive whose literal grandparents were literally slaves!

    The African Americans slaves were a HUGE reason for the economic success of the US.

    America should pay MASSIVE reparations to help provide good schools and infrastructure for African Americans…not massive hand outs of money to each person, but they should provide an infrastructure that helps them to get out of poverty.

    They are in poverty since they were brought to US as slaves, so they always were at a disadvantage, and then drugs like crack cocaine came and so on.

    America owes a lot to the African Americans for the terrible environment they put them in and that terrible environment of half the fathers in a brutal prison and schools that don’t function and the influx of drugs… that leads to crime that you are talking about.

    • I think it is insulting to American blacks to suggest that they are disproportionately violent criminals because of slavery 150 years ago. Or because they are poor. Poverty does not = criminality.

      • So, what’s the real reason then?

      • Sadly black American males are much more likely to be involved in violent crime than any other ethnic group. So they will come into contact with the police much more. This alone accounts for the disparity.

  6. I am not justifying criminality.

    All people do not resort to criminality when they are made slaves and then not recompensed.

    But we cannot speak out of context.

    Paul, a question….

    Imagine the following evil scenario so you can understand what is going on

    white people in the Europe are taken as slaves to Africa and put as sardines on ships in route….and millions and millions die along the way and then dumped into the Atlantic ocean and then they are kept as slaves for 200 years….and this isnt the slavery you are reading about in Jonathan Brown’s book but like slavery in American which was a lot worse….

    And then the Whites are given freedom but don’t have one pound of money…they are put into ghettos and are lynched and given only marginal help for another 100 years and then they are given freedom but have disfunctional schools, have govt providing minimal help to deal with drug addiction in the White community….

    Just 50 years after they receive equal rights on paper who are not slaves but a teeny-tiny percentage of the money to have functional school and proper infrastructure…

    Is that fair?

    Be fair Paul….the African Americans deserve reparations for the slavery but also they deserve some REAL investment of US tax dollars since the AFRICAN AMERICANS have had no stability since they were stolen by the millions and millions from their parents in Africa

  7. And you should listen to this Paul….

    Looting is evil and sinful and will harm one in their eternal hereafter and looting should not be justified but only a small percentage of the protesters are looting…

    and the looting of African Americans on a daily basis is not felt…


  8. Regarding how much of policing in the US from its origin was just to control slaves….listen to this
    1 hour report


  9. A great example what blind fools racists are.

  10. Williams how would you feel about your anti-isis-terrorist campaign (“they are literally killing people on the streets of this country”!!!) was responded by some whopping statistics about the numbers of white non-muslims murdering muslims, most white non-muslims being murdered by white non-muslims …. etc. pp

    What’s the matter with you dude?

  11. Paul,

    Did you see the links I sent you in another related post showing the number 9 as incorrect?

    and did you see the previous article…


    You say, Discuss….

    are you serious?

  12. Brother Paul,

    Please be open minded….

    Here is that in depth study again that was in a different post that I sent….


    And can you please mention what is your definition of unarmed?

    • “Please be open minded….”

      I sense your passion and your need to convert me to your outlook.

      I have already been roundly abused and insulted by two other (Muslim) BT contributors on this subject. You will understand if I hold my counsel and not engage with you further at the moment.

      I know my views will just inflame you further 😉

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