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  1. Statistics and facts don’t matter when all you do is throw them out without even substantiating them with the whole context of the issue.

  2. @ Paul

    Because many of them live in segregated areas together. Hence why context is important and you shouldn’t learn from white supremacists on issues.

    • white supremacists?

      These are FBI stats. The biggest danger to blacks are other blacks – not the cops.

      Don’t see why this is difficult to understand.

      • @ Paul

        It’s difficult to understand because you don’t know what you’re talking about in regards to history. Yes, those are the “statistics” that white supremacists love to quote but its an obscuring of the political and socio-economic factors that came before it.

      • are the stats inaccurate? No.

        By ignoring them and blaming the police you turn blacks into passive victims.

        BLM ignore this terrible reality and blame white people.

      • @ Paul

        You should seriously not discuss things you have no knowledge on. As this is the 2nd time I’ve seen you take a shot at blacks on this site I’ve got to ask before I bury you in a mountain of data, statistics and history(which you know I’m more than capable of doing) my question is do you REALLY want to do this?

      • Dude you can do what you like. I can see you are desperate to lecture me on things.

        I hope you will highlight the endemic problem of violence in many black communities in the US (New York, Chicago, etc). Here in London too.

        And don’t play the anti-white race card.

      • @ Paul

        Lol I am not desperate for anything you are a racist dumb@$$ who doesn’t know what he’s talking about as he cries himself to sleep at night because he has to share his city with minorities. So question just to show how little you know wtf your talking about. The FBI who gave you the statics were they responsible for arresting and assassinating black leaders in America? Did the US government destroy multiple times black people attempted to organize like Black Wall Street? Oh yeah that did happen but again because you don’t know wtf you’re talking about you ignore that as I said the 1st time.

      • @ Paul

        Oh and I forgot the FBI who gave the statistics, is their director on record for ordering their organization to prevent the rise of a “black Messiah”?

        Yeah as I said you REALLY don’t want to do this.

      • @stewjo004

        Any more abuse like that mate and I will have no hesitation in banning you from this blog.

        So far you have come up with *nothing* that refutes what i said. You are just a fanatical wingbag.

  3. welcome to the gentlemen racist snob club

  4. “Lol I am not desperate for anything you are a racist dumb@$$ who doesn’t know what he’s talking about as he cries himself to sleep at night because he has to share his city with minorities…”

    Whoa this guy must have serious problems. Conceited, ignorant, abusive and whatnot. I second Paul here, he’s probably just some fanatical wingbat who has too much time on his hands and trolls this blog to pass time. Just throwing abuse, what’s up with that?

    Def. worth looking into those numbers though. Very interesting.

  5. What happened between paul and stew? Came out of nowhere.

  6. Salam Paul,

    Yes police kill unarmed Whites twice as much as unarmed Blacks but there are 10 x more Whites than Blacks in the US.

    10 divided by 2 = 5

    So this means that Unarmed Blacks are FIVE TIMES more likely to be killed by police.

    So, statistics do matter but someone needs to inform Gentleman Globetrotter and that other lady tweeter that he and she need to learn more statistics.


  7. On the issue itself I don’t know. I agree that stewjo can be extremely abusive. This makes me wonder though, did you really offer him to be moderator of this blog? And if yes why? I mean he wasn’t exactly known for his moderate language.

  8. Stew can be a bit harsh, but he also was one of the most knowledgeable brothers on this blog and debated with the Christians pretty well in my opinion.

    • He’s stupid with his dishonest answers. Only idiots would think he is good. Nothing great about his copy-paste that he doesn’t even understand.

      He is a racist who hates Jews

      He attacks white people.

      A bigot who hate Jews and Christians.

      Should be banned a long time ago.

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