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  1. We have some of those words in Farsi.

    Especially –

    هدف = purpose, goal

    اللغة “ ال + لغة
    لغت in Farsi = word, vocabulary, language

    The ة becomes ت in many words into Farsi

    نفوس = plural of soul- souls, people, population

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    • Yes, this linguistic pattern also appears in Urdu & Turkish. I’m not sure why. Arabs pronounce the (t ) sound at the end of the words ending with closed t ة when they continue the speech, so they say Allughtu Al’arabiyah. But if they cut it, the t > h, so they allughah. However, there’s a rare pronunciation for some Arab tribes who actually pronounce the closed t sound at the end of some words even if they cut the speech, yet it doesn’t apply for all words ending with t.


  2. Haha.
    It’s a lovely language if only they could understand.

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