Hassamo Shamoun

Divorces are always tragic and hurtful not only for the spouses but the innocent children. This video surveys publicly available court testimony concerning Sam Shamoun (I didn’t know his real name is Hassamo Shamoun). It raises legitimate questions about a public figure’s income and his Patreon account.

link to the court document

Click to access 1182710.pdf

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  1. I am not the least surprised, to be honest, my gut feeling always tells me shamoun is a deceiver (not because of his outspoken critics against Islam which I m least worries because, like david wood, cp and others he is not a knowledgeable nor authoritative of Islam, but) because he seems mentally disturbed. My theory is he was mentally challenged by muslims and he later developed abusive disorder because of this. Later find solace in apologetics against islam and because got no other skills become financially dependent by the donation from this.

    His trouble past (was incarcerated for a crime) and his irresponsibility toward his wife (she seems the only one who contend with getting money to feed her daughters working overtime in a hairdresser). I don’t think any decent woman will stay on the marriage like that. It’s not at all shocking he was abusive toward her and refused to financially support his own daughters.

    I agree things like this must be brought to public attention (this is a public record anyway) whether for muslim and christian public figures. I this case this will benefit the christians in general, not to became prey of irresponsible zero credibility unskilled man whose only job is to seed hatred toward other religion.

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  2. Sam emailed me his response:

    Wow! I knew you were a lowlife dog Paul, but to be that low is not shocking since your example is Muhammad. Thanks for posting that video since that will help me destroy Muhammad even more so than before. As you crawl back to your gay lover we will continue to destroy and decimate your god and his profit for all to see. It’s sad you think that video will somehow help your cause. Not to worry. I am now going after your god with greater force, especially when you bring my children into it.

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  3. ‘Thanks for posting that video since that will help me destroy Muhammad even more so than before.’

    The guy has a disturbing obsession with the Prophet (saw).

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  4. ‘since that will help me destroy Muhammad even more so than before’

    But you never destroyed anything before except your marriage. The blessed prophet is the last prophet of God and neither you nor your comicbook will ever change that. Now go back to eating krabby patties.

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  5. @Sam, set your priorities straight and feed your kids first…fatso…you can barely take care of your progeny and you’re here reading blog posts and typing email threats…such a shame on manlihood…yuck…

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  6. Sham the toilet buffoon tells another Christian to go pee in your mother’s mouth (video):

    [video src="https://www.answering-christianity.com/sam_shamoun_tells_another_christian_go_pee_in_your_mothers_mouth.mp4" /]

    https://www.answering-christianity.com/ac21.htm#links (dumpster section)

    Hassamo Shamoun is an idiot. His foul mouth is thoroughly exposed above and also here:



  7. Bismillah ir rahman ir rahim,

    As salamu ‘alikum wr wb, A very special greetings to brother Osama Abdallah who has probably the longest standing website dealing with Christian-Muslim apologetics. Well done brother!

    So Hassamo sent me a comment on Prima-Qur’an. I believe he is trying to do some clout chasing for his new blog. I simply sent him this e-mail.

    Hi Hassamo. I saw your comment recently on my blog. I have no interest to have any interaction with you beyond this e-mail.

    I think you are honestly a person who I find to be mentally unstable. I think that your broken relationships with various Christians and Christian organizations testify to this. You seemed to have fallen out with James White among others.

    To me, you have become a powerful testimony for the truth of Islam. Especially when it comes to the issue of marriage and divorce. Powerful testimony!

    You are now in a long list of disgraced Christians among them Jimmy Swaggart, Anis Shorrosh, Robert Morey, Phil Arms, that have gone after Islam only to be humbled by the Lord.

    I would recommend you focus on paying the maintenance that is due to Michelle and your two children.

    In the 1990s AnsweringIslam.org was your niche. James White, David Wood, and a whole litany of others have surpassed you.

    The U.S Court system has found you “inconsistent, contradicted by other evidence, and not credible.”

    “Due to his lack of credibility”

    Now I know you will respond in the usual vitriolic. If you can be vile with James White then certainly I should not expect any better.

    I certainly pray that Allah (swt) will open your heart. I pray that your ex-wife Michelle is able to pick up the pieces of her life and move forward. I pray for the success of your two children. I pray that you focus on your health because certainly, all that rage will take its toll.

    Take good care of yourself yeah.

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