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  1. This is a lie.

    The coronary artery disease and hypertension means nothing since there is no proof of a massive myocardial infarction (heart attack).

    • @ Omer

      Well the family is doing another independent autopsy. But even if its a lie its irrelevant. If I was prosecution I’d go after all 3 on top of him for manslaughter due to:

      1. Unnecessary restraining after under control (he was just trolling) didn’t allow proper monitoring for better first aid.

      2. It was asked several times by officers restraining should we check him.

      3. One officer didn’t feel a pulse and nobody still moved after unresponsiveness

      I hate to say it but the only one I think should be returned to duty is the officer working crowd control. The ONLY hope the officer who had his knee on the neck has is if his lawyer can prove he didn’t violate protocol otherwise he’s screwed.

  2. I like plain and simple understanding of that persons life to death situation.
    He was alive untill he got abused by cops. Does that sum things up?

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