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  1. He wrote in Farsi, if Ken is interested…he often used Islamic themes in his poem but often ignored, these two have been quoted a lot recently in the campaign to reclaim Rumi

    I am the servant of the Qur’an as long as I have life.
    I am the dust on the path of Muhammad, the Chosen one.
    If anyone quotes anything except this from my sayings,
    I am quit of him and outraged by these words.
    Rumi’s Quatrain No. 1173

    “The Light of Muhammad has become a thousand branches (of knowledge), a thousand, so that both this world and the next have been seized from end to end. If Muhammad rips the veil open from a single such branch, thousands of monks and priests will tear the string of FALSE belief from around their waists.”



    But there’s a lot lot more


    It’s sad that we have to do it actually

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  2. “was educated in science of hadith”
    I really doubt that. Most sufis would not admit that those people were mere heretic.


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