Nation’s Progressive Christians Applaud Hell For Being So Inclusive


U.S.—Progressive Christians have come out in praise of the kingdom of Satan for how inclusive it is.

Left-leaning believers have often criticized their conservative brothers and sisters’ churches for excluding certain lifestyles. After years of searching, they’ve finally found a place that’s as inclusive as they are: hell.

“It’s just so great how inclusive hell is,” Jen Hatmaker wrote on her Facebook page over the weekend. “While the Kingdom of God uses all kinds of exclusionary language, hell is entirely inclusive, welcoming people from all walks of life with open arms, as long as they haven’t trusted in Christ as their savior.”

“We need a wide road, not a narrow gate—one where everyone is welcome,” she added.

They later clarified they don’t actually believe in hell but just meant they were in favor of its inclusivity as a spiritual metaphor.


Categories: Christianity, Hell, Islam, Satire, Silly, USA


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