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  1. This is sadly the reality, the centrality of scripture and its study in the Islamic tradition helped to make education a central pillar of Islam . There was a time when literacy rates in Islamic societies is highest in comparison to other societies in medieval ages. This was the time when Islamic society was considered the beacon of progress and prosperity.

    I pray the muslim ummah can return to that era.

  2. Religions and cultures rise, peak and decline fade away. Goes for Islam too. Nothing wrong or special about that, the circle of life and stop whining.

    • I suppose at least Islam managed to peak whereas your contributions have been in the gutter for so long they’ll have been listed as a location on Google maps

      FYI, quoting lion king is not a good example of being cultured.

      • Disney brand today has more overall cultural impact than Islam brand. Probably.Even educates people more. Probably.

      • “your contributions have been in the gutter.”

        How true.

      • Looks like Sebastian complains Muslims driving Islam into the gutter. He can add this blog to his List.

      • Giulio surely you aren’t saying that this blog is an example of ‘poor and badly ran countries’ that is ‘oppressed by corrupt dictators’?

        I think personally that Eric has helped steer this blog into a ‘beautiful and advanced culture’.

        Madness, you think, this guy has spent too much time in lockdown, you might say, but hear me out, however, this blog continues to bring people from all parts of the world to eagerly become one of its citizens, For example, a guy named Giulio who doesn’t seem to like Islam very much. If this were YouTube or Facebook your account may have been deleted or in some countries, you might have been de-platformed and pelted with milkshakes. Not here. Here you are simply insulted personally and your intelligence routinely questioned.

        You should be pleased to be a part of a truly civilized corner of cyberspace. Sebastian would be proud.

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