Beware! A warning to Muslims

A financial specialist has shared their honest professional opinion with me concerning two well known Muslims involved in charity fundraising. Here is what they see. They wish to remain anonymous. I have kept all names of individuals, their associates, and organisations out of this article.

Why have I chosen to write this article? Certain well known Muslims in London tick a well worn pattern of risk areas. Muslims deserve to know what these are and are urged to take great care before giving money to these individuals.

A financial specialist’s honest professional opinion now follows: 

Here is a list of common characteristics of the risk type that have been identified: 

A history of opening companies and going from one to another. Very hard to track and trace movement of monies!

Accounts of XXXX now overdue since February. Contravention of UK Company legislation.

Associated with charity XXXX as already identified under Charity Commission scrutiny!!

As evidenced from knowing them personally:-

Flash, arrogant, signs of wealth above their real disclosed status. Constantly money raising with gimmicks, lure ins. Like deal of the week approach.

Selling the religion like life assurance salesman.

Egotist publicity seekers, groomers slick talkers, convincers!!

Muslim Evangelists!!

Hate opposition or being called out!!

XXXX is a bully!!

XXXX a provoker!

Paul to answer as respectfully as possible I have many such individuals in hundreds of investigation files that have turned out to be rogues and with very similar risk characteristics!!

At the present time the jury is out on them as to being named dishonest crooks. But due to the above risk characteristics they are clearly of major interest to the authorities as they fit the profile.

Time will tell!

I have spent my entire professional life bringing to book individuals of similar profiles.

They start as men of religion and charity and they start to believe their own publicity. The money turns up and they see the route to a better life. Some do some good, show some charity, find power and convert the gullible, take money and sometimes it ends up in outright fraud as not all goes exactly where it should!!

My reply is very long winded !! But this is honestly how I would look at these two.

Handle with care!!

Let the buyer beware!

Caveat Emptor!!!!😉😉

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  1. Not surprised at all. It’s easy to guess. Even worst than that, you have some who use charity money to support terrorist groups.

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  2. Like

    • @ Paul

      Thank you for deleting that unpleasant comment earlier today. And Eid Mubarakk to everyone. You put up this tweet of Ali Dawah here which could give the impression that he’s a fake fundraiser.

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      • There are legitimate questions being raised about his activities by Muslims and non-Muslims. Time will tell if he is guilty of any malpractice.


      • Wow, didn’t know about that. Him in particular or the whole salam organization?


      • Him and Muhammad Hijab


      • Maybe they have patrons and still do donations or channel charity into the wrong places? Time will tell. Ok so what if theyr’e flashy? Heck, isn’t that what young people do Only suspicious if it’s way beyond their pay grade.

        But I have watched Hijab and though he may not be to everyone’s linking I have seen him admit that he makes mistakes, even stupid ones. If it turns out he done something wrong I’m sure he’ll be man enough to admit it and take the heat .

        It’s only those who won’t admit their mistakes, like Adnan Rashid, who will be distrusted perpetually. His problem is that no matter what he says people don’t take him seriously anymore. Even if what he says is 100% true. Hijab will be back no doubt, barring something extremely extreme.

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  3. Don’t they have loaded Saudi/Arab backers or something?


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