Muhammad the racist? You decide

I know Sa Ra Garvey from Speakers’ Corner. He has a particular obsession with Islam and Muslims.  I chose to reply to his latest hatefest this morning.

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  1. The Kuffar have no shame.


  2. How does saying a black man being the most hateful to Allah make it racist?
    Someone has the to be the most hateful. So if it was a brown person, would that be racist? If it was a white man, would that be racist? No, that special previlage to throw down the racist card is only reserved for blacks.

    It clearly says this about ONE black person. How is that racism? These people are the dumbest of the dumb.

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    • @ Atlas

      I get what you were trying to say but as a recommendation, I’d cut this next time:

      “No, that special previlage to throw down the racist card is only reserved for blacks.”

      Someone not familiar with you might think your racist.


  3. Do any readers think Sa Ra Garvey is right?


    • If the Ulema didn’t interpret the hadith that way, it doesn’t matter what some a-hole on the internet thinks.

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    • @ Paul

      He definitely misquoted, and the description of a single person is not racist. For example:

      As noted in the video we know Musa(as), Isa(as) and Adam(as) are “black” so how is he racist towards them ESPECIALLY seeing as Islam teaches prophets were sent to ALL peoples and not just mostly the Jews like his book promotes?

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  4. No surprise here, the hater would twist anything, for example David Wood, DCCI, did we hear anything good about Islam and Muhammad (pbuh) from them? No!

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  5. @ Paul

    Also, noticed did this idiot captain think the quote in Musnad of Ahmad is a “tafsir” and not a hadith? Aww man, bring these dudes to the site so they can get lit up.

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  6. I thought those blokes were anti-PC

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  7. Julius Evola, Williams posterboy for traditional worldview is defintely racist


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