King James Version Finally Translated Into Biblical Greek, Hebrew

Screenshot 2020-05-10 at 22.09.22U.S.—The entire Old and New Testaments as rendered in the King James Version of the Bible have at long last been translated into biblical Greek and Hebrew, sources confirmed Friday.

After years of working on the historic translation, scholars confirmed they had translated the entirety of the Christian Bible from the original Authorized Version into the ancient biblical languages, including Greek, Hebrew, and small sections of Aramaic. Consumer copies of the Bibles are now available for purchase.

“If only we had completed this translation before Koine Greek fell out of use, the people who lived during New Testament times could have heard the gospel,” Pastor Steven Anderson said in a YouTube video. “Sad!”

Scholars reportedly had great difficulty with the translation, as no version of the Bible has ever been translated into Koine Greek or biblical Hebrew before. Those behind the translation expressed their desire for even people who speak the original biblical languages to be able to experience the glory of the Word of God as rendered in the re-inspired Authorized Version.

“This is uncharted territory,” lead translator Phil Wallace said in an interview Friday. “How could we possibly translate words like ‘shew’ and ‘unicorn’ into the biblical languages? We had to do many years of word study before we could pull it off.”

At publishing time, scholars had begun translating the new translation back into English to restore it to its former glory.


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  1. Lol, very humorous 😄

  2. It seems they are preparing for the future. So now they have answer if someone in the future asked the original language of the Bible

  3. wich english translation of the quran is best for translating back to arabic?

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