Speakers’ Corner Steve’s lies and propaganda against Ramadan and Muslims


Steve at Speakers’ Corner

Steve has done much good work in identifying Muslim violent extremists and actual terrorists who visited Speakers’ Corner in London to spread their message and infiltrate dawah carriers. He will always be commended for that brave public service which literally contributed to the saving of lives in London. Here is his twitter bio:

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However, sadly there is another side to Steve’s public activity which contradicts his claim to be “against all forms of extremism”: his relentless anti-Muslim propaganda and lies. Ramadan brings out the worst in Steve. Look at some tweets posted today:

Screenshot 2020-05-08 at 12.00.42

and this one:

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source – and read my response to this tweet and Steve’s reply.

Steve’s narrative is this: every year because of Ramadan Muslims turn violent on the streets of London. This is a favourite theme of far-right activists on social media such as Twitter and Telegram. Neo-Nazi Patriotic Alternative leaders Mark Collett and Laura Towler also regularly spew such lies. Yet in the article Steve tweeted headlined “Finsbury Park incident: Police officers attacked after group ‘acting suspiciously became violent'” there is no mention of Ramadan at all! The notion that it has anything to do with the purpose of Ramadan: fasting, good works, prayer, self-discipline, refraining from evil actions (including thoughts and words), is totally bizarre and bigoted.

Steve boasts that he is: “Standing for free speech and justice, standing against racism and all forms of extremism” – but his actions give the lie to this. When it comes to Islam and Muslims he is:

‘Standing for lies (not free speech) and injustice (not justice), standing for (not against) racism and promotes extremist views (rather than opposing all forms of extremism).

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Support this guy’s fundraising here

So what is Ramadan actually about? What is the truth? This video gives the real story. And yes I sent Steve the video but I doubt very much he watched it. It doesn’t fit his extremist demonising anti Muslim narrative.


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  1. One thing I want to ask to anti-Islam if they could answer sincerely:

    Why you hate Islam?

  2. Patience is a virtue. People who cant stand other people opinions a belief me as an open person who is a muslim by choice will do everything I could to be patient with those people. My answer to them is in my character, the way I live and the way I see things, but most of all is Reading. It is by reading about the things we hate, we starte to understand the other side.

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