‘It’s Worth It If It Saves Just One Life,’ Says Woman Who Supports Abortion On Demand


NEW YORK, NY—Local progressive woman Ryanne Peterson wrote to the 20 people who follow her Tumblr blog on Wednesday that “an economic shutdown is worth it if it saves one life,” though she herself supports abortion on demand.

“We must make sure not a single person dies,” said the woman who supports a woman’s right to kill her baby all the way up through birth and “a little bit after.”

She also supports closing every single business in the country except the one that exists specifically to end the lives of babies.

“Anything that we do to save one life — tanking the economy, destroying millions of jobs, causing mass starvation and a bunch of other kinds of deaths — is totally worth it,” she said. “Unless it’s an unborn icky fetus cell clump thing, then let’s murder that sucker.”


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