New video – Stunning admission by Jonathan McLatchie about secular historians and Jesus’ (alleged) crucifixion!

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As-salaam alaikum! Over the weekend, the brothers at EFDawah uploaded an enjoyable video involving a discussion with Christian apologist Jonathan McLatchie on the historicity of the crucifixion. In the video, McLatchie made an honest admission: secular historians’ (whom other apologists use to argue against the Quran) views on the historicity of Jesus or the crucifixion do not contribute anything of significance! Muslims have already known this, but many Christian apologists are still struggling to come to terms with it. Watch the video, share, and subscribe! Special thanks to EFDawah for this excellent discussion!

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  1. Nice people.

    Ijaz – the Trinidadian aka the scumbag who hijacked Blogging Theology and banned me from even commenting on it.

    Hamza – who told me I would have “to earn his trust again” after I publicly called out an extremely dangerous Islamic State activist (now in prison) at Speakers’ Corner. You don’t snitch on a bro apparently.


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