I’m reading this remarkable book. This former top atheist changed his mind because the evidence suggests a God stands behind the rationality of nature.

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                             Why Flew concluded there must be a Divine Intelligence

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  1. I’ve never heard of Anthony Flew. The most prominent atheist? I can think of a few. So, what about this conclusion there may be a god, how does he make the leap that Yahweh through Jesus is the creator of the universe?

    • Flew (now deceased) was not a Christian. He believed in the God of Aristotle solely because of recent scientific developments. Btw he didn’t think there may be a God, he was sure there was.

      • Interesting. Nothing the way it seems to be. In fact, the more we delve into the quantum world, the more we find there is nothing there to find. Matter is probably the most elusive idea no one can put their finger on, really meeting all the requirements of what we would call spirit. There isn’t anything there. This is not a problem for either side, but I can see how Flew would decide to believe. Now I wonder, what difference did that make? Nearly all of our human decisions are hunches. Same as you and me. What is most likely in my opinion is Aristotelian is partly correct, but it is not “god” in the traditional sense that would be the first mover, but more likely there was no first move. Infinity is exactly that. Humans, in the material sense like closure. We like to pin things down and put our finger on it and say—this is the truth! There isn’t any to be found, as everything is fluid, shifting, moving. And the more we try to cling to it the more it escapes our grasp. And the older a thing becomes, the more lifeless it is. Like religions that worship old books as a source of ultimate truth, they are stuck. Therefor the world is stuck and forever will be, by clinging to belief.

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