I came across a shocking bit of news concerning Dr Yasir Qadhi..

I’m on twitter and I came across a shocking bit of news concerning Dr Yasir Qadhi, the well known Islamic theologian and popular US lecturer. You may know that he has upset many salafis in recent years. Educated in Saudi Arabia he was a committed conservative salafi until it seems he did a doctorate in theology at Yale University. He is now extremely critical of his salafi past.

Anyway, a leaked email from US intelligence shows how there was an attempt to push Yasir Qadhi to create a ‘moderate Salafiyyah’ – ie one at home within the West’s particular Weltanschauung.

It’s unknown if it was actually implemented, but the writer of that email was a speaker at ISNA’s conferences.

WikiLeaks has the leaked emails. It gives us a fascinating glimpse into a parallel world in which the intelligence community seeks to change Muslims’ views to make them more ‘acceptable’.

Read the WikiLeaks files here


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  1. Ehhhh….not really Qadhi’s fault (if we use this as evidence then Malcolm X is also guilty as he recorded the FBI trying to bribe him). Even when you look at the emails they’re discussing what leverage to try and use against him. Intelligence services try to recruit all the time and they were already talking about trying to buy groups in the early 2000s here is an article discussing potential candidates:


    They also send agents into Masajid to cause fitna. If everyone wants a good documentary on Netflix check out (t)error (my partner actually had the agent over his house and he was part of Imam Siraj Wahaj’s security detail)


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  2. It could be worse. They might have subjected him to a Cosmology course.
    Or a critical analysis of angels and jinns …

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