New Video – Did Satan visit Muhammad at Hira? Part 2: Ibn Ishaq’s Narration

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In Part 1, I refuted the terrible research done by a Christian apologist in his vain attempt to demonize Muhammad (peace be upon him), showing that the authentic ahadith that the apologist paraphrased actually refuted his own argument.

In Part 2, I discuss an unreliable narration from Ibn Ishaq’s Sirat un-Nabi (which Christians like to use uncritically) that contradicts the authentic narrations about Prophet Muhammad’s experience in the cave at Hira.

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  1. 100% Satan choke Muhammad. No wonder he wanted to kill himself.


    • Hey dishwasher, you back again? I remember you ran away when I asked you if you had the education to defend your Bible on the rabbits error. 😂
      100% you’re an idiot. The narrations says nothing about “choking” and the report about suicide is false. What else ya got dishwasher?


      • Say the guy who qu-ran from public debate. Who create videos. But won’t dare to challenge any apologist for a debate. Dr Brown is a nice guy as long as you don’t try to deceive him like Nadir. You can’t use the excuse that Sam will make you cry in a debate. Brown will be nice to you. If you’re scared of Brown. No way you will debate the likes of Sam. He will destroy you and Islam. Shame on you.


      • 🤣🤣 Still running from answering the question!

        So, is your education level too low for you to defend your Bible? Is that why you keep running? You can wave your pompoms all you want dishwasher but being a cheerleader doesn’t help your case.


  2. Not sure what this has to do with the topic.


  3. Waiting for the Peace corps (Tales of SC, Spence, etc.) to ride in on their high horses to tell the Christian dishwasher to be nice so we can all sing kumbaya together…

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  4. Muslims don’t believe in ibn Ishaq?!

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    • @ Syboy

      It’s an early biography. It has a mixture of narration grades (which also teaches a good lesson why something being “early” doesn’t automatically mean “authentic” as Christians are quick to run and champion. As saw the chain is missing a person who met the Prophet(saw) even though Ibn Ishaq narrated it early and interviewed people in Madinah). We mostly use it for dates because when it comes to history not involving creating rulings or matters of belief we’re more lenient (but even then you’ll see scholars of the Seerah (Muhammad’s(saw) bio) debate Ishaq’s dates)

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  5. That’s why Paul deleted all his videos in You Tube.
    Questions to Paul:

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  6. Paul, have you met and talked to brother Junaid Rahim & Mohammad Yusuf Bashforth (Two White Muslims – You Tube) and sister Lauren Booth ?


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