Ex-Christian Reacts to “Christian Prince” (Sexual Harassment)

A reaction video by @yusufponders highlighting the shocking behaviour of “Christian Prince” aka CP, a vile christian Islamophobe towards a female caller on his show.

To my opinion CP is never worth responding to, he is just a low level polemicist full of lies, an evil individual. But sadly CP seems celebrated and popular among christians in the cybersphere. So this video reaction, I believe, is not intended for promoting him but to make christians out there (who are still supporting and celebrating him) to reconsider that his character and moral is just anti-thesis to Jesus ﷺ.

Please do not let your hate of Islam overcome your sanity and let him makes profits out of his show!

Br. Yusuf Ponders is a young bright-mind from Britain who holds a BA (1st Class) in Philosophy, also a contributing writer of Blogging Theology.

Please subscribe to his youtube channel, blog and  twitter account where you can find interesting and enlightening discussions regarding Religion, Philosophy and Politics; along with many of the ideas surrounding modern controversy from a British muslim perspective.

Categories: Anti-Islam, Islamophobia

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