New Video – Did God order the Amalekite genocide or was it Samuel? Embarrassing a Christian apologist

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As-salaam alaikum! I am really getting the hang of this video production business (though it’s not a business for me, alhamdulillah). In this new video, I embarrass the foul-mouthed Christian Zozo Francisco on the Amalekite genocide. Apparently trying to remove any guilt from the Biblical god, Zozo made the ridiculous claim that the prophet Samuel was the one who told Saul to eliminate the Amalekites, not God. This ludicrous argument contradicts the Bible.

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  1. Everything in the bible is contradict Jesus’s teaching

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  2. Zozo the pig, everyone sees him and smiles and laughs at him like a circus attraction. The things that he writes about has the similitude of a dog eating his own vomit.

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