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  1. Don’t forget that all the Jews who were either killed, enslaved or exiled by Mohammed were non-combatants.

    • 🤣 Iggy’s ignorance on display again. First, a tu quo que doesn’t make your evil Bible better. Second, the ones that were killed were the leaders and soldiers. You’ve been schooled on this before.

      • lol, being a non-Muslim and a soldier is a capital offence in Islam.

      • 🤣🤣 Iggy never has anything intelligent to say. Soldiers are armed combatants, you moron. Being a soldier and non-Muslim is a capital offence if you help the enemy who is trying to kill Muslims. Meanwhile, merely being in the wrong place at the wrong time is a capital offense in the eyes of the Christian god. It doesn’t matter if you’re a soldier or just a baby.

      • @ QB

        Sometimes I can’t tell if this dude is serious. Being an enemy combatant anywhere is a “capital offense”.

    • Erasmus: Don’t forget that all the Jews who were either killed, enslaved or exiled by Mohammed were non-combatants.

      What about the dinosaurs?

  2. “Being a soldier and non-Muslim is a capital offence if you help the enemy who is trying to kill Muslims.”

    Or trying to defend himself against Muslims.

    • @ Erasmus

      Not defense when you create a treaty.

    • Where is the “defense” stupid? They agreed to cooperate, didn’t they? But when they saw his power rising and people flocking to his side, they felt their power being threatened, and so they became treacherous pigs. Fighting them was justified. In contrast, your god had innocent people killed. You should be ashamed of being such a sick pig.

      • @ QB

        We’re sitting here saying you shouldn’t kill babies and for some odd reason we’re the Satanic ones in their minds 🤦

  3. The only commands to kill that are still on the books are yours.

    I suppose you think the Jews should have just waited until Mohammed had forced them either to become Muslims or to pay Jizya.

    “Not defense when you create a treaty.”

    The treaty worked out great for the Qaynuqa Goldsmiths:

    “You know from your scriptures that I am a prophet sent by Allah, so it’s time for you to become Muslims. Otherwise Allah might punish you in the way that he punished the Quraysh”

    Then Mohammed declared war on them, besieged them, and subsequently ordered all the men to be killed. Only the intercession of the Lion chief saved them.

    • 😆 There he goes again, justifying baby killings because it was only for that time. Even if it wasn’t “still on the books”, how does that change the fact that your god still commanded killing Innocents at one time?

      Yes, the Quran allows us to defend ourselves against our enemies. Self defense is a right.

      But the Jews in Medina had nothing to defend against. They were part of an alliance which they betrayed. So they got what they deserved. Even then, the punishment was more merciful than your god could ever be.

      Your pathetic copy-paste polemic about the Bani Qaynuqa against shows how stupid you are. The Prophet gave them the warning to convert AFTER they had already violated the treaty. Face it, Iggy. You are a moron and an embarrassment to Christianity. But to us, you are a godsend! You make it so easy to destroy your religion! 🤣

    • @ Erasmus

      No, they were more than free to form their gay little alliance. Issues:

      1. Not making a formal declaration
      2. Declaring their intent bt attacking women and children (as their religious text thinks is okay)

  4. When Mohammed first came to Medina the Jews thought of him as a persecuted man they could trust.

    On this basis they made a treaty with him.

    After he started raiding and warmongering to gain control of a stone they knew they could not follow the bible and remain allied with him.

    So it was Mohammed who broke the treaty not the Jews.

    • 😂😂 Iggy, just stop. You’re being a moron and true to form with your ignorance. The treaty called for helping each other in war and sharing in the spoils. The war against the Quraysh was launched in self defense. So why wouldn’t Muhammad have attacked their caravans, which were owned by the ringleaders of the pagans?

      • @ QB

        As much as it’s common sense if people run away persecution and form a stat what’s going to happen next. We don’t even need to go that far. He has to prove his claim going to war with Quraish is a violation of the treaty like he claimed.

    • @ Erasmus

      Lol, you knew you reached on that one.

      To begin, your first argument of “what they thought” is irrelevant. They are not being criticized for not staying in the treaty. They are being criticized for being asked is the treaty still on and then lying by saying yes. And then, giving supports to an enemy secretly and then openly betraying the agreement by attacking women and children. This is treachery plain and simple.

      Now as for your second claim, let’s look over the treaty together. Please show me were going to war is a violation of it (especially considering there are multiple clauses for war):


      • @erasmus
        Heres a hint of what’s to become of you unless you become an honest person according to your bible.
        Matthew 7:23
        King James Bible
        And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity.

        Iniquity-(noun)immoral or grossly unfair behavior.

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