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  1. wow, between young earth creationism and throwing sola scriptura out the window. I wonder which of the two camps the Christians who frequent this blog fall into?

  2. I just want to know where in the bible it teaches about Shamoun chewing cud

    • I think that verse was deleted by a later scribe.

      • You’re a coward who runs away from public debate.

        Maybe you’re brave enough to call him on his skype?

        Everyone knows you won’t do it. Since he will bury you.

        Shame on you coward for making excuses. You’re not fooling anyone, everyone knows you’re no match and a coward.

        Shame on you for not defending your false prophet that you love. Muhammad is not proud of coward followers like you.

      • 🤣😂 The cheerleaders wave their pompoms, and avoid talking about their silly religion and masters being torn to pieces.

        Look dishwasher, who cares what you think? You’re too much of a coward to even tell us your name. You’re just a nameless drone. Now go back to your hive busy bee and tell your master Christian princess to come out of hiding and debate Farid. He’s always asking for a debate, right. So let’s give him one.

  3. It will be good for this educative blog to get rid of trolls who are here only for personally attacks (ad hominem).

    There are many us who silently visit this blog on daily basis to be educated but repelled by trolls who contribute nothing here except personal attacks.

    • You should comment more. Drown out the trolls. 🙂

      • Give us a call coward. We are live. Let us decimate you. We will try not to laugh at you.

      • 😂😂 Still begging? What are you guys doing? Having a cud chewing party? Sorry, but I will have to decline.

      • Lack of class, lack of manners, oh dear i always wanna puke after reading your comments Sam…you’re one example of how humanity has mentally devolved, been having meltdowns due to blokes like you roaming around online with their appalling toxicity, there’s no decent place to have a respectful academic discussion…i give up i’m done, evolution hasn’t been kind to you for some reason so hopefully you got yourself sterilized

      • I don’t think that’s Scam, I mean Sam. It’s one of his fanboy drones sent from the hive to promote the drama queen.

      • Same semi-evolved tribe Faiz, on twitter you have hindutvas roaming around to piss you off with insults in the middle of a discussion and when you come here you still find some trolls with their gross comments to piss you off even more…gonna spend a few days off the internet just like Paul

      • Lol, you have to get desensitized to it. Don’t let these fools and clowns influence you. They are just pathetic losers with too much time on their hands.

      • @ Waltz

        Basically what QB said. Think about it why do you think they have to do that or form their gay little alliances with atheists? it’s because we light them up on the regular and they know they can’t respond so they have to try and get the topic off course. Just know when they start doing that you won.

    • @ Aliyu

      Trust me we would love to the problem is they start crying how they’re being “censored” and their “freedom of speech” is being taken away.

    • Shamoun: Give us a call coward. We are live. Let us decimate you. We will try not to laugh at you.

      Will you end Faiz’s career as bad as you ended your marriage?

  4. “lol noah had to take pairs of EVERY clean and unclean animals, there’s no way this theory works

    The bible doesn’t actually say that.

    “Of every clean beast thou shalt take to thee by sevens, the male and his female: and of beasts that are not clean by two, the male and his female.”

    The word “every” is only used in reference to the clean beasts, not the unclean.

    April 8, 2020 • 2:38 am
    “Well he thinks that the dinosaurs could not have fit in the ark and thus they died out. It’s a new level of stupidity.”

    I never said that.

    I just don’t believe that they were led to the ark by God.

    There is no empirical evidence from which we can deduce the age of the earth.

    The only evidence we have is the bible itself which shows a young earth by piecing together the chronology contained in it.

    If the age of the earth is in the billions of years at least it would explain why the islamic deity has apparently forgotten how many days it took him to complete the task as the conflicting koranic accounts show.

    • 😂😂 Iggy, go back to school. Also, learn what “empirical evidence” means. The Bible is not “empirical evidence”, you jahil apologist. Radiometric testing is empirical evidence. Studying the geological strata is empirical evidence. This evidence shows that the earth is billions of years old.

      And your idiotic and pathetic attempt at deflecting to the Quran shows how desperate you are to change the subject. 😁

    • @ Erassmus

      As true to your name:

      First point:

      “Of every clean beast thou shalt take to thee by sevens, the male and his female: and of beasts that are not clean by two, the male and his female.”

      In English, you don’t need to say “every” twice as that is redundant. Take a pair of evry beast by seven and for those beasts that are not clean just a pair.

      Second point:

      Also as you’ve now deflected to Islam as you’ve already been shown to be a dumbf*ck that can’t read basic sentences (and let’s be honest because your book is an undefendable laughing stock) the Quran clearly states 6 days:

      7:54. Your Lord is God, who created the heavens and earth in six days and then ascended the Throne.

      10:3. Have no doubts about this, your Lord is God. The One Who created the heavens and the earth in six days, He then, ascended His throne

      11:7. It’s He who created the heavens and the earth in six days, and His Throne was over water, in order to test which of you does better in their actions.

      25:59. “The One who created the heavens and the earth and what is between them in six days, then He ascended the throne.

      50:38. I created the heavens and Earth along with whatever is in between them in six days without Me even somewhat tiring.

      The passage that you thought was off is:

      41:9. Ask them: “Do you really not believe in the One who created the earth in two days, and place other competitors alongside Him?” That is the Master of the realms.
      41:10. He placed on the earth firmly set mountains towering above it, and blessed them. As well as measured its different nourishments ALL IN A TOTAL of four days. Which is all made available for those who ask.
      41:11. He then ascended over the heavens when it was smoke and said to the earth and it: “Come into existence before Me whether you want to or not!” And they both replied: “We are coming to you in complete submission.”
      41:12. He then declared them to be seven skies in two days, and inspired each level its own instructions. I decorated the lowest level with stars and a means of security. That is the calculations and decree of the Final authority, the One who knows everything…

      Because you’re stupid you think it reads:


      But notice what I highlighted

      Earth and the mountains were created IN a TOTAL in 4 days genius (not 2 days to make one and four to make another) and the sky was made in another 2 days. So come on what does that make?

      2+4= Drumroll………………..6 like the rest of the Quran says.

      So I have a question are your parents brother and sister so that’s why you’re slow or is it because you were dropped on your head as a baby?

    • Erasmus: There is no empirical evidence from which we can deduce the age of the earth. The only evidence we have is the bible itself.

      Lol. I had no idea you were this ignorant.

    • Not convinced, from a grammatical pov the LXX translation does show signs that the translators interpreted the determiner being contextually used for Gen 7:2b along with 7:2a. Anyway i think you’ll like this video, not tryna offend you or anything but hopefully you stop seeing science as an enemy


      • I would see it just an instruction as to how many each of clean and unclean, from all the types of animals that actually enter the ark, should be taken viewed as to their category. I don’t see the context going beyond that to include every single land animal that is alive on the earth at that time.

        I believe God made a choice to leave the dinosaurs out of the ark and I don’t see that this contradicts the text as it stands.

        I don’t see science as an enemy when it does not go beyond its limits. It is obviously useful and beneficial to mankind.

        Stewpot is making up his own english translation as he goes along. No english translation of the koranic text can be trusted anywhere on the internet. Nevertheless as a rough guide this is the translation I use.

        41.9 Say: What! do you indeed disbelieve in Him Who created the earth in two periods, and do you set up equals with Him? That is the Lord of the Worlds.

        41.10 And He made in it mountains above its surface, and He blessed therein and made therein its foods, in four periods: alike for the seekers.

        [41.11] Then He directed Himself to the heaven and it is a vapor, so He said to it and to the earth: Come both, willingly or unwillingly. They both said: We come willingly.

        [41.12] So He ordained them seven heavens in two periods, and revealed in every heaven its affair; and We adorned the lower heaven with brilliant stars and (made it) to guard; that is the decree of the Mighty, the Knowing.

        I still count eight days of creation in this text.

        By the way this translation has changed from days to periods. Where does the takiya end?

        If Stewpot is correct one day is appx. 1 billion years according to Faiz.

        What a joke you guys are.

      • 😂😂 The ignorance parade continues! Dinosaurs, young Earths, Christian idiocy…

        The Genesis text clearly says 2 of every animal. This by itself shows the Bible’s abhorrent lack of knowledge about the diversity of life on Earth. It would have been impossible to take every animal on board. And forget about dinosaurs. Are we really having that discussion? 🤦‍♂️ Like I said, Iggy needs to go back to school.

        Science deals with the natural world, you idiot. I will take science over your silly Bible any day. And at the end of the day, science has proven that the earth is billions of years old.

        I’ll leave it to Stew to embarrass you further about your pathetic mathematics skills. Is there any subject you excel at Iggy? Or is being an idiot truly in your nature? Were you really dropped on your head 6000 years ago? 🤣

        But I will mention that the yawm can mean a day or any period of time. The word in Arabic is not limited like it is in English. Please, Iggy. You need some education. I can imagine any Christian watching your performance and just doing a facepalm and hoping you would just shut up. You truly are a godsend!

        By the way, it’s spelled “taqiyya” and if anyone engages in it, it’s the Christians.

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