The Quran and Bible Blog is now on YouTube!

For those who have been following the blog since its inception, you might remember I did a few terrible videos almost 5 years ago. Well, I am trying it again. In addition to the articles, I will now try to publish videos on a regular basis. Be sure to subscribe to the channel and help a brother out (not literally; I am not asking for donations). So without further ado, I present…er …a short introduction.

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  1. Very Good !

  2. Fail as a blogger now will fail as a YouTuber.

    You can use different platform. You will still be a loser.

  3. I wish Giulio would delete himself off of this blog

  4. Scam Shamoun told me I have to call his Skype ID and debate him. What will I do guys? I guess I have no choice, huh? 😭

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