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  1. Instead of spamming the post with several videos, why don’t you actually respond to the points raised in the article? Yes, we can see that you are very adept at posting random videos. Congratulations.

  2. https://youtu.be/S93YFoqhFR0 / https://youtu.be/cGz9BVJ_k6s / https://youtu.be/Ng0HMOs7ky0 /
    It’s about putting other information on this site. Muslim teachers feed those who follow them weak, shallow offerings that go against a wealth of reliable scholarship. Muhammad is not foretold, doesn’t stand up to investigation and scholarship. Jesus does. I don’t need to read a 22 page pdf when scholarship shows Isaiah 53 clearly foretells of Jesus. I just pray that some of the Muslims visiting this site follow the links, follow the truth and come to know the real Jesus not the Islamic Jesus

    • 😂😂 Another brainless moron incapable of doing serious research and who blindly accepts the nonsense of Christian “scholarship”! 🤣

      You guys are pathetic. There is firm evidence that Christians lie through their teeth to promote their false mangod by misappropriating the Tanakh and taking verses out of context. Intelligent people see through your lies. Get over it.

    • Michael Smith, you do realize there is a difference between peer-reviewed scholarship and Christian apologetics?

  3. https://jewsforjesus.org/publications/issues/issues-v13-n06/whos-the-subject-of-isaiah-53-you-decide

    It’s very much same from Muslims who run websites like this. As I say my prayer is that some Muslims on here will see that your entire faith is a house of cards waiting to fall. For every pdf you post there are hundreds to refute them, yet you accuse Christians of blindness.

    • Moron, stop being lazy and do some real research. Your spamming of the blog just shows how pathetic you are. And keep praying to your mangod. Intelligent people will not fall for your deception.

      Oh and by the way, for all your stupid videos, there are hundreds that refute them. 😉

    • Correct. No Muslim apologist has ever shown Muhammad is found in the Bible. Those who try do so with mere unproven assertations and ludicrous claims. Only yesterday a poor Muslim apologist got thoroughly schooled by Michael Brown, when he tried to argue Muhammad is found in Deuteronomy 18, 18.


      • Lol, it’s good you brought this up. I am actually making a video right now that will show Brown’s incompetence, inshaAllah.

        Now I don’t like to use the Bible to prove that Muhammad (pbuh) was a Prophet. There are other ways to do that. But it is quite pathetic how Christians twist the Tanakh to promote their false cult of worshiping a man. There is abundant evidence that the mangod of Christians was not “prophesied” in the Tanakh.

      • Dr.Rhines, what are the chances of running into a guy whose name starts with an M like Moses and who was brought up by people other than his parents like Moses and the people who brought him up are polytheists just as it was for Moses and who experiences revelation for the first time on a mountain like Moses and who challenges the very people that brought him up just as Moses did and who then leads his followers on an exodus while being unsuccessfully pursued by the enemy just like Moses and who later establishes a state and governs it according to Divine Law and participates in wars and who is made victorious over all his enemies just like Moses?

      • Here is my video on Ahmed vs. Brown. Brown exposed his incompetence during the discussion.


    • @ Michael

      Whew the strawmans are in full force today. Hey genius where in my article did I state anything about Muhammad(saw) being foretold in your fanfiction? I am refuting the fable known as the crucifixion. So do you or Dr. Rhines have qny refutation ir can we chalk this up to another set of Christian apologists just talking to talk?

      Is Mark 16:9-20 and John 7:58-8:11 God’s inspired word? 🤣

  4. Reliable scholarship says the crucifixion is a fact. Even some Muslim scholars say this but claim it wasnht Jesus as had been claimed before them. The substitution theory etc. are obviously farfetched to save the humiliation.

    • Lol, and here come the deflections! Christians never disappoint!

      Reliable scholarship doesn’t assume the existence of miracles. The Quran agrees with reliable scholarship that there was a crucifixion. The only difference is the claim of a miracle. Scholars don’t accept that part.

      Now back to the topic. Reliable scholars state that the Bible is a corrupt book. Reliable scholars say that Christians have misappropriated the Tanakh to “prophesy” their mangod. Reliable scholarship states that the Bible is not “inerrant”. Get it yet, “Dr. Rhino”?

    • @ Dr. Rhines

      Already refuted this, historians don’t accept miracles (that’s why they don’t accept he (as) rose from the dead either) On what grounds do you have evidence for the event when you have no eyewitness testimony?

      Substitution theory was long before your foolishness.

      Do you accept scholarship also tearing apart your fanfiction

      You never answered about Mark and John

      • “On what grounds do you have evidence for the event when you have no eyewitness testimony?”

        If the gospels are true then they constitute eyewitness testimony.

        Don’t you believe this without any eyewitness testimony:?

        Rather God raised him up towards Himself. God has always been the Ultimate Authority and the Source of all Wisdom.” (4:157- 4:158)

        Where is your eyewitness testimony for this 600 years after the event?

        Islam can’t even offer a credible or plausible historical account of the events.

      • 🤦‍♂️ And yet again, Iggy cannot answer the question and simply deflects to the Quran! Wow! This is more proof that these mindless apologists have absolutely no intelligent arguments to make in defense of their religion.

        By the way, stupid, some scholars have stated that the earliest followers of Jesus believed in his assumption while alive, like Elijah.

      • @ Erasmus

        1. God said it. Don’t matter when it was
        2. We actually can. That will be in the concluding article of the series so stay tuned…

  5. Ahr yes, hiding behind a farfetched substitution theory, that cannot.be proven, how convinient.

    And Reliable scholars say that Muslim apologists have misappropriated the Tanakh to “prophesy” Muhamnad.

    • Lol, we seem to have touched a nerve. “Dr
      Rhino” is resorting to misspelled ranting now.

      Again stupid, all miracles are considered “far fetched” by secular scholars. None of the stories in the Bible can be proven. How convenient (note the spelling).

    • @ Dr. Rhine

      I don’t believe in substitution theory numb nuts (the answer imo is much simpler). So before refuting what grounds is their to believe in an event that has no eyewitness testimony? Please list me one witness and I’ll concede.

  6. The quran denies Jesus death on the cross which no sensible scholarship disputes

    • Well there are some exegetical bypass gymnastics, but one is left with the problem the Quran is claimed to be a book without any doubt.

      • Yeah, there are bypass exercises. Reminds me of someone who tried to get cute in a debate maybe speakers corner. Saying that in Acts Jesus was hanged from a tree, not crucified The pastor then explained that he still died and that the references to hanging from a tree in Acts had a purpose in particular social interactions.
        To be fair though he actually had the integrity to admit he was wrong on that one and didn’t use this silly argument again.

      • Yeah Right, but isnt that a weird argument coming from a Muslim,i mean isnt it supposed to say there was something like a crucifixion going on? Not just hanging from a tree.

      • There are a variety of exegetical excuses as a result from this extremely doubtful passage of the Quran.

      • Indeed, and Faiz believes in the good old substitution theory.

      • Faiz got more serious problems than that 😂😂

      • Ebola virus, how is that a problem?

        By the way, you didn’t hurt yourself did you? You used more than 3 words in succession. 😂

      • This is so funny, one more Muslim who cant even read basic NT commentaries and thinks there is a contradiction about the tree and and the cross. When will they actually open the books instead of just googling online?!

      • LOL, another Christian who desperately keeps ignoring the topic of the thread. As for reading, it seems to me that most Christians are bad at it. They rely precisely on Google and YouTube to get their answers. And they only look at like-minded Christian sources. When a source disagrees with them, they simply brush it aside. There is no attempt made at objectivity and fairness.

      • @ Jimmy

        This is so funny, one more Muslim who cant even read basic NT commentaries and thinks there is a contradiction about the tree and and the cross.

        Oh, you mean like this regarding Isaiah 53 in the HarperCollins Study Bible?

        “The early church identified the servant in this passage [Isaiah 52:13-53:12] with Jesus… In the original historical context, however, the servant appears to have been exiled Israel.” [2]

        That’s embarrassing. Like I said your more than free to write a refutation and have it posted on the site. So what’s up?

      • 😂😂😂 This is so funny. One more Christians who got served.

      • Your pick-n-chose approach refutes itself. Your own scholars admit there was a crucifixion just as the NT says there was but believe in substitution theory, swoon theory and anything else so long as it saves the humiliation.

        Even Faiz believes someone else was crucified.

        The quote has nothing to do with the common misunderstanding of those who get cute and argue that Acts and the gospels contradicts each other on the crucifixion when they do not. Just open up the books.

      • Jimmy, it seems you are just as retarded as every other Christian. Why don’t you clowns respond to Stew’s devastating points on Christian misappropriation of the Tanakh for so-called “prophecies” of your mangod’s crucifixion?

        You asked for us to look at Christian commentaries and Stew embarrassed you on that too. When will you mental midget learn? 😂

      • @ Jimmy

        Cool what’s this got to do with me beating up these alleged prophecies that the NT authors seem to always be misquoting, lol? So what’s up are you going to write a respinse paper to any of my 4 arguments or are you going to just bark in the background and try to save face? You claimed we’re being “biased” so once again here’s you chance.

        @ QB

        For giggles let’s watch so more misquotes in the NT:

        where he stayed until the death of Herod. This fulfilled what the Lord had spoken through the prophet: “Out of Egypt I called my Son.” (Matthew 2:15)

        The author
        A.Foolishly believes this is a “prophecy”
        B. Thinks this is about an individual

        Here is the actual quote:

        “When Israel was a child, I loved him, and out of Egypt I called my son. (Hosea 11:1)

        Let’s read that “basic Christian commentary” about this embarrassing error:

        Out of Egypt have I called my son.–As the words stand in Hosea 11:1, “When Israel was a child, then I loved him, and called my son out of Egypt,” they refer, beyond the shadow of a doubt, to the history of Israel, as being in a special sense, among all the nations of the world, the chosen son of Jehovah (Exodus 4:22-23). It is hard to imagine any reader of the prophecy not seeing that this was what we should call the meaning. But the train of thought which leads the Evangelist to apply it to the Christ has a distinct method of its own…As the words… rose to his memory, what more natural than that mere context and historical meaning should be left unnoticed…”


        😂😂😂 Thank you guys so much for saving me money on Netflix becuase you can’t get this entertainment anywhere else.

      • Matthew is funny. He makes things up using his imagination and frequently misquotes the Bible. He even made up a “prophecy” about Jesus being from Nazareth!

        And since we’re on the topic of the crucifixion, perhaps the Christian cowards can show the historical evidence for the zombies that Matthew says rose after the crucifixion?

      • https://youtu.be/PNclLRGBONQ

        This is live. SCDawah members are currently talking about the crucifixion.

      • @ QB

        Oh “Matt” (let’s start putting those around them because let’s be honest they don’t who this is) is a quite the comedian. Fun fact did you know once again Islamm manages to avoid this made up monkey belief? Let’s read a hasan hadith on when the Prophet(saw) went on the Night Journey, ahem:

        Anas bin Malik narrated that the Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) said:
        “I was brought an animal that was larger than a donkey and smaller than a mule, whose stride could reach as far as it could see. I mounted it, and Jibril was with me, and I set off. Then he said: ‘Dismount and pray,’…So I dismounted and prayed, and he said: ‘Do you know where you have prayed? You have prayed in Bethlehem, where ‘Jesus, peace be upon him, was born.’ Then I entered Bait Al-Maqdis (Jerusalem)…”


        Mmmm….feels so good to always be right.

      • Heads up. A new video is coming later. This one’s on that monkey Zozo and his ignorance of tree biology and Biblical rules of war. This will be fun. 😁

      • @ QB

        Also, video request, can we do those little girls taken as sex slaves (including the evidence this is exactly what they were) in Numbers so we can go ahead and put that to bed as well?

      • @ QB


      • Like it didn’t move on to crucifixion long time ago. The Quran suggests there was crucifixion and it appeared so. Even your own scholars admit there was a crucifixion. So all the NT authors faithfully recorded a crucifixion took place or whatever appeared or people were led to believe.

        It’s just that Faiz and you guys need to come up with substitution theories and what not to avoid the inevitable conclusion from all the historical evidence that even scholars who reject everything else about the historical Jesus agree on. Oh there was a substitution or, oh he swooned or, oh something else. Going with historical evidence when it suits you and coming up with poor excuses when it doesn’t, never made anyone go, yeah that’s a really good argument. So please excuse anyone who finds this whole exercise rather unconvincing.

      • Dummy, you’re still not dealing with the topic. Why are you clowns so afraid of dealing with the simple fact that your NT misquoted the Tanakh? Stop being a coward and deal with the topic.

      • @ QB

        Oh well, that’s easy because it’s not refutable.

        Also, is Jimmy aware are “scholars” (that he never sourced btw) basically just went with ibn Abbas’s(ra) opinion, but that there have been some other opinions throughout our over 1,000-year existence? 🤔🤔🤔 Nah, he doesn’t know that.

      • Not sourcing or paraphrasing is cuz no one reads the substitution theory of crucifixion as serious history. So Jesus himself helped organize which one of the disciples should take on his appearance, be crucified in his stead and then Jacobites and Nestorians killed all the Muslim disciples who knew keeping the whole affair under cover until Muhammad came to give just one version. Like I said, nobody who reads substitution theory and compares it to the historical documents thinks yeah, this must be what happened, all the evidence points in that direction.

      • @ Jimmy

        I was talking about Islamic scholarship where you made these erroneous claims:

        “Even your own scholars admit there was a crucifixion.”

        As I said all the opinions just stem for one person’s opinion who is not binding upon Muslims. Next:

        “It’s just that Faiz and you guys need to come up with substitution theories and what not to avoid the inevitable conclusion from all the historical evidence that even scholars who reject everything else about the historical Jesus agree on. Oh there was a substitution or, oh he swooned or, oh something else.”

        Because you’re slow I’ll use big pretty letters so you can understand better: I AM NOT A PROPONENT OF SUBSTITUTION THEORY. I HAVE AN EASIER EXPLANATION THAT WRAPS ALL THE PARTS UP IN A PRETTY BOW. Do you get it now?

      • No, he won’t get it. These Christians have been brainwashed and are incapable of rational thought.

      • @ Jimmy

        Also, still inviting you once again to write an article for the blog refuting CruciFICTTION 1-3. C’mon you said it’s easy so why don’t you do it real quick? As you can see all the Muslims here think you guys are avoiding the topic because you can’t…

      • “Avoiding” is too weak a word. I’d say they are cowering in fear.

    • 🤦‍♂️ Lol, is this all Christians can do? Mindlessly repeat the same silly argument? Stew and I already discussed this, little Mikey. Please pay attention.

      No sensible scholarship accepts the silly Christian belief in the resurrection either. Scholars don’t accept the existence of miracles. So your argument is pathetic.

      • @ QB

        Yes, that’s all they can do as they are stupid. If he paid attention even in his supposed argument of Acts contradicting the gospels. That means we have 2 traditions in play, now let’s add the Talmud making 3. Three different traditions that are vastly different than how he (as) is supposed to have died:

        2. Hanging
        3. Arrested and a crier went out for 40 days asking if someone finds him innocent and then stoned to death.

        What that means is people are just repeating rumors (as none of them are witnesses). This is proof there is a discrepancy in the story.

      • It’s funny that they want us to “see the forest” but the question is would they follow that same methodology for other religions? Of course not. These clowns are liars and hypocrites who follow their own personal opinions.

      • @ QB

        Oh absolutely, forged texts and failed prophecies what else is there to discuss? What I find ironic is he claims we are “hiding the truth” but it’s actually their pastors who lie every Sunday on the pulpit about their idolatry.

    • It’s truly disappointing that no one apparently wants to engage with the points raised in the article. I was looking forward to what the Christian response would be…oh well i guess…

      • These clowns have no idea how to respond. That’s the problem. They have just blindly accepted what they have been told by their pastors. They never considered if they were being lied to. So now, they are so confused and afraid, all they can do is deflect helplessly.

    • So hit me with that explanation of yours that wraps it all up…

  7. This is worth 18 minutes of any Muslim’s life. This is clear, simple and concise;
    A credible scholar, with a doctorate in Islamic studies, whose heart is for clearly explaining to Muslim’s the issues with their faith. His desire to do this from meeting the brothers at speakers corner.

  8. Who

    • Bro, please watch your language.

      • All due to the f word? I’ve seen worse words being allowed here…and that idiot doesn’t deserve it? Why is he even arguing when all he has is some imaginary scholarly consensus to talk about

      • No, I get it. But we as Muslims shouldn’t use foul language. You can mock the morons (that’s clean language 😁), but you can do it without foul language.

      • @QB @Stewplayboy007 i apologize and take full reponsibility of what i said…my bad, hopefully i’ll work on it and be more polite in the future…manners and class makes a man, i shouldn’t forget that.

        Best regards,

      • Oh, you don’t have to be polite to these clowns. I just suggested avoiding bad language. But when it comes to mocking these mental midgets, by all means, please mock away!

      • @ Waltz

        Oh, nooooo, no one said to be nice, ahki. There’s no need to be polite (unless you still trying to give dawah to these fasiq) this is very much a fight with words. Just inshaAllah don’t use any heavy curse words. This is still an act of worship and we still want to be pleasing to God in our conduct.

    • @ Waltz

      if it makes you feel better I agree, I could care less as well.

  9. Erasmus: Islam can’t even offer a credible or plausible historical account of the events.

    Can you give me credible evidence that dinosaurs went extinct because they couldn’t make it to Noah’s ark?

  10. Salaam stew, qb and fam
    Inspirational write up bringing the contextual true meaning of bible verses is always appreciated. I’ve only had time to read the first few pages of part 3 and the time and sincerity you put in is greatly appreciated.
    You know you did an amazing job when the Christian’s comment about something other than what you wrote about as if there brains got knocked out of there heads.

    • Well said. The fact that they will not deal with the issue shows that a nerve has been struck. Deep down inside, they know their church doctrine is false.

    • @ Sabit

      Walakum salam wa rahma tu lahi wa barakatu.

      I not really a mushy type but thank you I honestly think that’s the nicest thing anyone has ever said to me on the internet, lol.

      May Allah bless you in this life and grant you Janna tul Firdos in the Next.


      Hmmm…they really are not engaging with any points, are they?

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