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  1. This is information based on wrong assumptions, is misleading, and dangerous.

    The COVID-19 deaths are rising exponentially. The comparison with the other death rates is completely wrong headed.

    COVID-19 is more contagious, far more deadly, and requires far, far more hospitalization and intensive care with need for ventilator assistance than influenza.

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    • That’s true. My fear is coronavirus becoming an annual problem like the flu.

      But it is also true that we don’t seem to take diseases like the flu seriously. The anti-vaxxer movement spreads ignorance about the flu vaccine, and many people don’t get it or have their children vaccinated, but meanwhile, many people are wondering when a vaccine for coronavirus will be available.

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      • @ QB

        Correct me if I’m wrong but I thought you specialized in viruses? I had assumed you were in an underground lab somewhere trying to save us all. Makes you much less cool if that isn’t the case…

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      • I studied viruses as part of my coursework in graduate school, if that helps you.

        I am more of a specialist in human viruses, like our new resident Giulius Ebola.

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    • @ QB

      Got you. Have you figured out a cure yet because that rotting of the brain is no joke…


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