Is the Torah like the Qur’an, or is it not?

Brother Stew gets in on the fun of refuting Shamoun!

The Quran and Bible Blog

بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمٰنِ الرَّحِيْم

….the disbelievers seek to refute the Truth using worthless arguments and took My signs and warnings as something to mock. (18:56)

So this blog post is a response to an article written by Shamoun (who you may remember has been refuted several times on the blog here, here and here) For simplicity sake the premise of their argument in the article Is the “Torah like the Qur’an, or is it not?” is as follows:

Premise 1

The Quran challenges mankind to bring something like it. The Torah is like it therefore the challenge has been answered. 

Premise 2

Furthermore, because the Torah is like the Quran it must be perfectly preserved otherwise how could human additions be confused by the pagan Arabs as “magic” due to the Torah’s eloquence in Q. 28:48-49, Q.46:7-12, and Q.74:24-25?

Well, once again our opponents never fail to show…

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13 replies

  1. Since Stewjo thinks he can ‘refute’ Sam. And Faiz is too sacred for a public debate. How about both of you against Sam. Two v/s One in a debate. This should give you an advantage. If your still too sacred add Paul to the list.
    Or even have more than 3 like Muhmmad Hijab v/s CP. At the end of the day it does not matter, you will still lose.
    So how many Muhammadans for you to be brave enough?


    • 🤣🤣 Hey Stew, Iggy thinks we should debate Scam. I guess we have no choice, huh?

      Meanwhile, Scam keeps getting refuted and his cheerleaders are waving their pompoms like crazy!

      If you were attention, Iggy you moron, your master was refuted by Stew. I know reading isn’t your forte and you would be a dumbass your whole life, but those of us with a functioning brain can see the facts. Waving your pompoms won’t help you.

      By the way moron, why hasn’t your other master Christian princess accepted Farid’s debate challenge? Hmm? CP has been running ever since Ali Dawah and Hijab started the process. Farid finished him off. 😂


    • How many pieces of old mother Hubbard you expecting from CP and Sam after this?

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    • Who is CP? Coward Princess? Chicken Potato? or Coward Paulin? CP can wear burka if he is too shy to show his face when debate with Farid.

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      • Farid gave him the option of wearing a mask to protect his identity but Christian princess is still scared. Like I said before, the debate isn’t even necessary anyway as Farid already crushed cp with his videos. The amount of ignorance and deception in CP is astonishing but what’s even more astonishing is how laughably stupid his mindless drones are, e.g. Iggy.


      • @quranandbibleblog – Idk why christians so proud to cp like a hero but when bro Farid calls him for debate he never accept it. CP knows Farid is native arabic speaker so he scared, what cp can do now is barking like a dog behind his computer. What a Coward Paulin.
        Now cp’s fans also act like his hero, barking like a dog.

        TO ALL CP’S FANS TELL YOUR HERO TO ACCEPT FARID DEBATE otherwise your hero is like a dog.

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      • It’s the herd mentality. These people have no mental capacity for independent thought. They think that CP controlling the conversation somehow serves as a fair debate. We have seen examples of him hanging up on people after they refuted him.


      • @ QB

        Basically. Nobody wants to admit someone they liked got slapped around. If you look at Farid’s hadith qanda video after a couple of minutes having to make them “feel better” one of them finally admitted he lit up CP.

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      • Yeah, I remember that. There have been a few people that have come to their senses. I know one brother actually came back to Islam after seeing Farid’s videos.

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    • Watson, are you willing to debate historians and paleontologists on the existence of dinosaurs during Noah’s time?

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    • @ Watson

      Not a matter of what I “think” its “fact”, Shamoun and Katz misread something and engaged in shoddy research which was then capitalized off of. If you disagree, my article is not long so show me where I made a mistake. Simple.

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