Justin Martyr and the Trinity: Ken Temple (aka Kennywise the Clown) Caught Lying Again

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Over at BloggingTheology, the deceitful missionary Ken Temple (referred to as Kennywise from here on out) tried to defend the trinity by anachronistically forcing this weird and incoherent concept into the earlier church fathers (e.g., Justin Martyr). As proof for his ridiculous claim, Kennywise presented a garbled and edited quote from Justin Martyr’s First Apology:

“the Father of righteousness . . . who is free from all impurity. But both Him, and the Son . . . and the prophetic Spirit, we worship and adore . . . ”

Obviously, this is not the full quote and Kennywise was called out for his deception by Paul Williams. After stalling for a bit, Kennywise gave in to Paul’s criticism and presented the entire passage (emphasis mine):

“Hence are we called atheists. And we confess that we are atheists, so far as gods of this sort are concerned, but not with…

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