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  1. So as he talks about patterns and accidents did he have an answer to things such as “Black Wall Street”, Jim Crow laws, slavery, 80s crack epidemic, assassination of community leaders, unequal loans, sharecropping etc? Were these all “happy little accidents” as well?

    • Are you from the USA? Not familiar with what you mean in Europe.

    • @ Paul

      Yep. US of A. My whole thing when we discuss black people is everyone always appears to have short term memory loss in history when discussing the condition. Black people literally did nothing different from any other immigrant community after slavery (focusing on child education, circulating money in the community, etc.) However, the big difference is no community was as oppressed by the government at a social, political or economic level but then some racist jack@$$ coming 100 years laters basically goes “see how negroes can’t run anything hardy harr harr” and conveniently leaves out the above points while claiming to be “oppressed”.

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