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  1. That’s Charles Darwin btw at the Natural History Museum in Kensington, London.

  2. Funny how Christians try to lie constantly. One would wonder about that since your bible has your god repeatedly saying not to lie or bear false witness.

    Oh well, I guess some Christians pick and choose what they want to believe.

    • I think there’s a screw loose in this poster

    • Club shawd-en-fraud––are you really that upset by the accusation that you, too, just like a man of religious faith, may in fact appreciate something in this universe that is larger than the unchartable circumference of your head? This meme is just a valid observation. I mean––Were it not for the deceased monkey scientist named Darwin pictured above, let’s face it––you’d have no blog, a better job, and less self-hatred. Everybody done know that!

      • oh, look someone trying to be clever. You still have to pretend that someone needs you and your little god.

        Nice to see that you have to try to lie to yourself that I need a better job and have any self-hatred at all.

        How does it feel to intentionally ignore what your god says to do, Luke? Do you treat your god as a vending machine when you feel like lying but you need to be sure that it forgives you for intentionally doing so?

        The meme isn’t a valid observation. It is the rather pathetic lie of a Christian who is willfully ignorant of evolutionary theory to cling to the delusion that he is ever-so special and his best friend is a god.

      • 1. I do what I want.

        2. Not sure what you mean by vending machine?

        3. Evolution cannot disprove God

        4 The soul is a robot

      • Christians love to claim that atheists must believe their god is a vending machine when we expect this god to to miracles like it promises to do.

        Evolutionary theory can most certainly disprove the god of the bible. Whatever one you’ve invented for yourself, who knows about that mess.

        and you are an idiot with your “robot” nonsense

    • @clubshadyfuckwad

      Are you REALLY this stupid? Paul Williams IS NOT CHRISTIAN. HE IS A MUSLIM

      Stop calling him a Christian, you degenerate!

  3. Chuckie Darwin is a diseased soul who is well known in all the 7 planes of Heaven. Like many souls who began as scientists on the Earth, in Heaven Chuckie D became a titular philosopher or, a warrior against ignorance as that means. Officially Chuck Darwin studies creationism, the genesis of divinity, and cognitive physics of the soul, as an ordained philosopher of mind. But Chuck D is also a titan of sensation––as he is now a sachem of the self-help industry; he is a famous, popular, public intellectual who is probably presently in the prime of his own limelight, though a permanent spot in history definitely doth awaits him.

    Chuckie Darwin is satanic sympathizer, who voted yes for the apocalypse. Publicly––he uses his fame to speak a lot about expanding Heaven’s enterprises on the Earth, and convincing God to let this happen––thus he is pro integration. He is also an elected official of the Causal Plane Trade Commission. In his past before he got famous in Heaven, he was the president of his fraternity at the Causal University of Causal Philosophers, from which he graduated with perfect marks. He nowadays lives in the causal plane of Heaven in the city of Salnop.

    Chuckie D sleeps at night in a humble spirit box just like everybody else. Although he is a causal being, he spends much of his time in the astral plane, due to his romantic interest––a fellow celebrity in Heaven, named Hsjjj Towwwed, who was not famous on Earth. Chuckie D got famous in Heaven himself when he published a best selling book that he wrote after 50 years of causal residence called Walking Back To God. It has to date sold quadilllions of copies––literally––across the 7 digital planes of Heaven. It wasn’t even about God, despite its in name––it was about the philosophy of psychology, and it was targeted toward the layman. He now has a radio show on Free Access Telepathy that pulls in trillions of daily listeners.

    Spirits call Chuckie D a double dipper––because he won at life in 2 consecutive dimensions. He is due to reincarnate on the earth again in the year 2103. As to where and in what person has yet to be determined. Thus he is a middle aged spirit with plenty of life to go.

    Good day, sir.

  4. I thought Atheist don’t have god, that’s mean we can’t call them Atheist anymore. Ummh….oyeah..we can call them Pagan now.

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