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  1. Paul, have reassuringly you patted anyone recently?

  2. Oh dear, a misplaced “reassuringly”. I’m channeling Yoda.

  3. “Progressive Islam movement is something similar, it’s a determination to be reassuringly patted on the head by the white man”

    You are a white man are you not? Of course the quote is ambiguous: is he referring to one particular white man? In which case who? Or is this another example of egregious essentialism?

    • Oh I see what you mean! Sorry for being a bit slow 😕 – as to being a “white man” I’m not so sure. More of a light pink- brownish colour. I’m all in favour of essentialism. Makes my life so much simpler.

  4. I identify as beige, with a hint of blue on Sunday afternoons after standing around in the freezing cold for 6 hours.

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