A Speaker with a huge sense of entitlement complains to police about heckling yet refuses to help them in the fight against violent extremism.

I was at Speakers’ Corner on Sunday. One well-known speaker was getting heckled. He then complained about the heckling to the police. See the video below and the good police response. Everyone knows this is part and parcel of the park.

What many must find a little nauseating is that Mansur has always refused to help the police in the fight against violent extremism and terrorism, but goes running to them when he has a complaint. Despite many invitations he also has never attended the important Speakers’ Corner-Police liaison group (I know because I have never seen him at meetings where we discuss the issues facing all users of the park). Yet he lives literally 10 minutes walk from Hyde Park! What a selfish, anti-social Muslim. Dawah is not just about refuting the Trinity it’s about showing society we stand up for the common good by promoting the good and opposing evil. Surprisingly few Muslims of my acquaintance seem to realise this. Forget the Trinity – that is the real mystery to me!

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