1997 at Speakers’ Corner

Speakers’ Corner is at 16-22 minutes. The police were much more hands on then and quickly suppressed any anti-Semitic speech as you can see. I don’t think that would happen today. Demographically it was much more English/white too. Today we are a minority. Arabs seem to predominate in 2020.

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  1. I spotted a younger Heiko Khoo, did you see any other of today’s faces?
    Also the police seemed somewhat stricter on drugs. Nowadays you don’t actually have to be smoking a spliff to inhale a fair amount of the vile stuff.

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  2. Eglish/White domination and colonialism led to immigration and globalism in 2020, stop whining.


  3. Well said Paul.
    I would add that it is the nature of empires to be a mix of benign and the bad. There are of course some all good or all bad outliers such as the German National Socialist regime whose only benign effects were anti smoking, autobahns and environmentalism, but I think a fair historical comparison of empires throughout history would support this.

    I see no value in getting into a ping pong game of “my side good, your side bad”. To study this properly you would first need to define a suitable set of metrics and then assemble data to support an assessment. Immediately the first problem with this is revealed as some of the metrics defined are certain to be influenced by the cultural background of the author. For example researcher A might value technological innovation as a good, whereas researcher B might value social stability over time – these may be to some extent mutually exclusive.

    Another factor to consider is how well documented are the wrong doings committed by states and their members. In England, various checks and balances have evolved to bring the powerful to account where they have committed crimes or injustices. This reaches it’s modern form in the 17th century with parliamentary government and committees of inquiry (e.g. East India Company, abolition of slavery, army conduct in the Boer war – the list is extensive). Alongside this is activism by the people (Peasants revolt, Chartists, anti slavery, Trade unionism, the Labour movement, CND etc). So my suspicion is that the wrongdoings of the powerful in “the west” are more thoroughly documented than elsewhere (feel free to prove me wrong – I don’t have the breadth of historical knowledge across the continents to support this)

    Another factor to bear in mind is that the European empires are the most recent, so the effects both good and bad loom large. But history never starts from a given point, Europeans entered onto the global stage populated by existing great empires (Chinese, Indian, Ottoman etc) and found themselves to be technologically superior and better organised. In Europe there was over two centuries of pushing back against the Ottomans (let’s say starting at the battle of Vienna in 1683 – what were the Ottomans doing besieging Vienna by the way?). This left a legacy of Balkan and Middle eastern trouble.

    I speak to many British people from different cultures and traditions and with some it is possible to have a balanced discussion about history – I note that these people tend to be comfortable with being British and successful in life. Others however seem to be full of resentment and hate, some have drug problems and many are unsuccessful in life. I wonder about the motivations of those who say thing like “The English have brutalized and exploited many peoples of the world.” without qualification and comparison. I believe some have personal psychological problems perhaps due to life failure and some have a political agenda.

    I leave the last word to Monty Python:

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  4. Monty Python clinches it for me.


  5. Deny the British empire’s crimes? No, we ignore them.
    The ignorance find expression in racist remarks like Today we are a minority. Arabs seem to predominate in 2020.

    The bloody historical facts speak for themselves.



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