A Blogging Theology report on the oxymoron of being an illegal cannabis smoker and Patriotic Alternative activist

Nazi Ralph Masalamani, an Indian married to a German, appears to be going through some kind of megalomania and paranoia episode at the moment.


Photo: a man smoking cannabis. Not Ralph.

Ralph is a regular cannabis user at Speakers’ Corner and he is suspected of other drug use.

Here is a question: from which part of society does he get his cannabis from?

Black gangs possibly?

Ralph is very keen on the 14 words. Here are 20 words in reply:

“We must protect our nation from the purchasers and abusers of drugs and safeguard our culture from multicultural gang warfare.”

You cannot be a Patriotic leader if you smoke cannabis (in public!) which is fuelling and funding the very black gangs that you wish to remove from England. This gang culture is causing the violence of stabbings and gun crime. It is rife in our nation.

Ralph is funding and fuelling this.

Fellow Nationalists must seriously consider removing him immediately as National Socialism demands purity of thought and action.

This is not only an oxymoron but outright hypocrisy to his message. This behaviour discredits the PA with Ralph on board and is at total conflict with its philosophy!

You only have to look at the black on black murder cases at the Old Bailey daily featuring young black kids whose lives are ruined by the drug culture fuelled and financed by people like Ralph who buy their wares!

This the very black culture the Patriotic Alternative is trying to remove from England.

This is the same for any of those WHITE people who partake of cannabis (or worse) who are fuelling, financing and supporting worldwide organised crime in those very minorities they wish to remove from England.


It is time for those in the PA that partake of these type of drugs to leave the party immediately as they are hypocrites and a disgrace to the National Socialist movement.

Furthermore, he is endangering the public and his own family (his white German wife rejects his Nazi ideology) by fuelling the gang warfare and murder on the streets to fuel his habit.

Ralph cannot have it both ways. Either give up the drug habit or leave the movement. If he truly believes in what he says he cannot do both!


 Screenshot 2020-02-18 at 08.17.33 (1)

I posted this comment earlier today after Ralph (Right Reaction) enthusiastically praised a National Socialist book published by his Leader Mark Collett. Ralph quickly deleted it from his Youtube channel. 


A fine example of English breeding.

The cannabis smoking weed head Nazi Ralph Masalamani, an Indian married to a German who thinks England should be for the English! You seriously couldn’t make this sh*t up! Seen at Speakers’ Corner most weeks.

Screenshot 2020-02-18 at 19.51.26

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  1. @ Paul

    This man…confuses me. Are you sure this isn’t just some elaborate trolling?

  2. This idea is being seriously entertained. It is all very odd.

  3. The last picture looks like Ralph is throwing gang signs while smoking his joint. Would make a perfect album cover should he next become a rapper.

  4. Mind you Hitler & Goering were no slouches when it came to narcotic intake by all accounts 🙂

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